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5yo phobic of medicine

CreatingHavoc · 22/05/2022 02:22

My 5 (nearly 6) year old is poorly and has a temperature for the second time in the space of a month. Last time with tonsillitis and this time it seems to be some other random viral thing. But she is totally refusing all forms of medicine. This happens every time she is ill. I've just be trying for 2 hours to get her to have some nurofen mixed with apple juice because that's the only way she's managed it previously but I've ended up just letting her go back to sleep because we we're getting nowhere and she's just getting more and more worked up.

I'm really concerned that her phobia isn't getting any better as even though she sometimes manages to have a dose the next one will often fail. Eventually she will no doubt need antibiotics for something and will be required to take every dose at a specific time and I want her to be able to do that. She can't do syringes because she just vomits it back up, she won't have it off a spoon and disguising it is hit and miss. I have paracetamol suppositories but it's impossible to use those when she's awake and it's becoming difficult when she's asleep too because she wakes up and cries and thrashes around.

Has anyone else managed to get their child to overcome their fear of medicine? She knows it doesn't make sense but she still won't have it so it is clearly an irrational fear. We've tried watching YouTube videos explaining why medicine is important when we are ill and we've watched videos of kids taking medicine, I've tried explaining I've given her choices and options but nothing is helping. I'm at my wits end with it all. We ended up in hospital all day because of it when she had tonsillitis and almost went there tonight but she perked up slightly so holding off for now. Any advice would be much appreciated as I'm tearing my hair out!

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