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Should I be worried?

simoncowellsdog · 19/05/2022 16:53

Just had DD's first high school parents evening. (Year 7)
General consensus was that she's very hard working, hitting 'secure' in all subjects apart from in Maths and Geography where she's at 'mastery' level so no concerns with her academically. In fact all the teachers said was that she's not very confident and therefore a bit too quiet in class discussions.
All the above was to be expected, she's always loved school and done well in most areas.
The one bit I don't know if I should be worried about or not was her English teachers comments. She said she'd come into the school with one of the lowest reading ages... this came as a bit of a shock as in Primary school she always scored the highest in any reading scores. She loves books, reads daily both to herself and to us at home. Her teacher said she's been taken out of lessons for one to one help with a SENCO teacher which I knew nothing about. Is this cause for concern?
It was a timed 5 minute video call so there wasn't a great deal of opportunity to ask too many questions, all I could gather was that it was to do with her comprehension rather than ability to read the text.

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