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17 months old with some odd behavior, please help! Hand Flaps, Finger Movements

Worriedfistimemum · 01/12/2021 16:49


I have a 17 month old toddler, who is showing what appears to me as odd behavior and a delay in gross motor skills. Please consider the notes below:
1- DS is a social and happy kid with medium-good interest in other children.
2- He can point to what he wants, wave bye bye (his waving is not perfect as he uses his fingers to wave not whole hand). He can give a Hi-5 and says 10-15 words so far. He can name 5-6 animals and mimic a lot of sounds, in addition, he can name 2-3 body parts (not accurate as he might point to his head when we say eyes).
3- He started crawling at 12.5 months and just now (17 months) he started to take his first unstable steps.
4- He gets angry and bored often (30% of the time).
5- sleeps through the night but wakes up 3-6 times a night even if he is not sick.
6- He flaps his hands a lot and some times make some unusual finger and hand postures when stressed or engaged in drinking milk. Sometimes he even stands on his tip toes! THIS IS A BIG CONCERN for me.
7- He makes a lot of noises and repeat sounds (50% of the time).
8- he enjoys peek a boo and hide and seek games. he plays with some toys functionally but also likes to only throw some other toys!
9- responds to his name 50% of the time

Do you think, I should be worried? I literally can not sleep and very concerned all the time.. His pediatrician says we should not be concerned but I can not stop thinking about autism, ADHD, ADD and all other possible disorders especially when I remember the hand flaps and finger movements DS does! I would highly appreciate any experience-based advice or instructions.

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GoldenApple1 · 20/05/2022 11:18

hey, I know this is an older post but how is your son doing now? Xx

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Worriedfirstimemum · 25/05/2022 15:40

It has been almost 6 months since I made this post( DS is 23+ months now). Since then:

  1. Ds started walking and mastered expected motor skills for his age (average).
  2. Regarding language he developed rapidly and can now say 100s of words and few two words sentences. ( slightly above average). Speaks both English and Arabic.
  3. He improved socially and plays with other toddlers and loves to dance at the daycare- still needs some improvements to meet the average.
  4. Hand flapping and finger movement: declined after he started walking but still doing them whenever excited or very angry.
  5. Noises: still makes alot of noises including growling and shouting when ever angry- this is very annoying and irritating do not know why he likes growling!
  6. Sleep: at 23 months still bad ! wakes up 3-6 times in a 12 hours sleeping cycle.Tried everything but still could not get him to sleep through the night.

    The only thing we did on our side is stimulation: language, social skills and comprehension. We did it for 2 months until we observed first signs of improvement.
    I hope that this update help other moms...
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