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5 year old behavioural issues because of dad. What to do?

1fedupmama · 06/01/2020 21:53

My son is 5 years old. Recently in his behaviour has got out of control, he is violent, angry and just plain horrible, 24/7. This has went on for 5months. Funnily enough it started when his dad ditched him for the millionth time.
His dad has never been the reliable type, he drops my kids every few months for months at a time then plays the hard done by. This is the first time it seems to have had a massive impact on my kids (obviously I know it's probably built up)
Anyways. We have been to the doctors, theyve said he seems to be showing symptoms of adhd or similar but it's been made worse by daddy dearest, and just to avoid even mentioning his name until we get somewhere, we have referrals in place to help his behaviour but nothing has happened with these yet, this was atleast 2 months ago.
Last week I got a text from dad... 'can I see the boys' hes pestered and pestered me since then about seeing them but I honestly do not know what to do? Should I let him see them? Will it make things worse? Will it make things better?
I'm petrified I let him see them and he drops them again in a few months time and we are back to square 1 with behaviour.
Anyone been in a similar situation that can give advice?

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