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Should I be concerned for asd 20m old?

Ang888 · 10/11/2019 14:45

I have an almost 20 month old son
He's always liked spinning things around. He'd have me spin stacking rings all day!
He holds objects, and his blanket or his sisters bibs and spins them round.
He flaps arms and legs a lot.
No interest in other children. He's barely even acknowledged his 6m old sister!
I've just read about pointing, or lack of in asd toddlers.
He's never pointed and won't follow if I point at something either.
Speech is a little on the slow side. He babbles a bit and tries to say a few words.
His favourite being ipad 😄
He enjoys watching a video of a car crushing objects?!
I was going to just mention these things at his 2.5yr review, but I'm now wondering if I should flag this up with the HV or GP sooner?

Anyone had anything similar and what was the outcome?
Thanks x

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AladdinMum · 11/11/2019 10:29

Yes, you do have very valid concerns and you should raise it with your GP sooner than his 2.5Y review. Don't you have a 2Y review? not pointing, not following a point together with some of his repetitive behavioral (spinning objects, hand flapping, watching the same video) makes it concerning at 20M. He will be failing the MCHAT test (Google it, it's a short 20 question questionnaire) and all children failing the MCHAT at 18M should be referred to a pediatrician.

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