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2 year old shaky hands sometimes

Sallykate21 · 10/07/2019 16:02

Hi everyone
I’m hoping for some reassurance.
Sometimes I notice my 2 year old sons hands shaking when he’s doing something like holding a spoon. It definitely doesn’t happen all the time, most of the time his hands are very steady but no and again I notice a little shake. I asked his minder has she noticed it and she said she has very rarely and she thinks it when he gets angry or very excited. For example if he’s eating and he wants the other child’s food he’ll reach out for it and his hands will shake a little but that it only happens when hes angry or very excited. For example the oteh day he had the end of a can of coke and he got so excited when he was trying to take the fiRst sip his hands were a bit shaky ( almost like he was trying to get it into himself too quickly so it caused him to shake) but then he calmed down and the shake stopped. Today I gave him a bottle of water and he drank it with no shake
I’ve become obsessed with it and I am always watching for it. It’s terrible 😔
I’m worried it’s a neurological problem. But I’m hoping it’s something that won’t get worse As he gets older.
Have any of you noticed this with your toddlers and it turned out to be nothing serious?
I’d really love to hear from you
My husband says because most of the time there is no Shake he’s not worried but I am a real worrier and I can’t help it.

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