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6yo Attention Seeking

bekbek1989 · 26/03/2019 09:37


I am mum of 1 hyper little boy who is 6 year old. We moved in with my partner a year and half ago and they have a great relationship. He goes to his dads every other weekend for 2 nights.

He has always been really hyper and cannot sit still for too long and requires a lot of attention for example if I sit and play one of his games he picks he then decides after 1 turn he wants to change the rules or do something else. He is very bossy with his friends and a show off.

I am posting here because recently he has been saying silly stuff and doing silly things I will list an example:

He is going on a trip to the woods with school and before he goes out he says 'I will not run into the road mummy' he had already mentioned a couple of times about jumping into the road as to which I explained road safety but it's like he pushes for a reaction.

Recently I have banned Nerf guns from the house as he shot a younger family member in the face twice and said mean things to him - I was mortified! I also banned minecraft and any games and explained until his behaviour changes he cannot play on them. I spoke to him the next day and explained that I would play anything he liked (apart from guns or Nintendo switch games) as to which he nagged for the guns and Nintendo. It seems like everytime I try to give him attention he pushes for a reaction. I wake up every day trying to have fun with him and cant explain how it feels like he just wants the negative.

It's probably here I admit that I have anxiety and on medication (trazadone) to settle my head as I am one of those 'think the worst' mums. I try to keep it under control as much as I can as I don't want my son to see it but I am finding it hard with keeping calm when he does silly things. Wonder if anyone had any advice for how to deal with the silly situations?

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