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Adults behaving like children in the school playground

Mumonamission2 · 14/02/2019 13:22

Please can someone assure me that my LO is not the only child that hits and gets in to trouble at school. I have 3 children but the older one (6) is the most challenging and most days I’m pulled in that has been in trouble mostly because says horrible things but not knowing the impact it has on others and occasionally hits, we are new to the school so I have no friends I’m currently dealing with the anxiety of school runs as there seems to be a witch hunt ongoing and other parents are talking about my child whilst I’m stood there. It’s not nice having your child being upset noworse feeling but it’s equally not as nice when your child is the one that needs teaching how to be better I’m a loving mother but also a strict
Mum too

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sevens7 · 14/02/2019 20:02

Yes i believe you are a loving strong.

Try to get the overview and you'll be even stronger.

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sevens7 · 14/02/2019 23:38

Didn't have time to write more earlier on......
I've tried my whole life to get an overview about the state and the affect it's had on our lives, I believe I've finally found out what they've been up to.
Firstly state school taught millions of us that hitting was a good way to control someone, I was canned many times. (it was bulling not discipline)
When someone finally realised it was wrong, teachers had to use different ways to control children, they shouted, screamed, belittled and humiliated, again it wasn't discipline it was bullying.
Banning reading out loud, reducing it by a lot, not talking about it, misleading, not promoting was a social experiment called feminism, this effectively made millions illiterate and illiteracy and violence are closely connected.
Incidentally the failure caused millions of failure jobs i.e jobs for...... Judges, lawyers, police officers, prison officers, learning support etc etc etc
There was no incentive for socialism to reform education because the poor inarticulate/illiterate tend to vote Labour.
There was no incentive for socialism to reform benefits because benefits keep people poor, i once said, the rich man talks more than the poor man, socialism takes money from the rich man, gives it to the poor man and the poor man talks less, the better you are at talking the easier it is to read.
What forced me to get the overview......Because I was illiterate when i left school.
Why did i get parenting wrong? because i copied what was done to me in school. (beaten, labeled, shouted at, belittled, humiliated.
So what is the truth.........

  1. state school has been wrong on discipline, discipline is a part of
  2. there are many poorly trained head teachers, some think bullying
    will get results.
  3. state school is protectionist and hates criticism.
  4. state school only really wants the girls to succeed, many boys are
    barely tolerated and others are whisked away for special treatment.
  5. state school doesn't mix, you can't learn from them.
  6. state school has used bottom up fear respect when it should use
    top down love respect, ie head loves staff, staff love children.
  7. school has been forced to teach everything because of the high
    level of illiteracy.
  8. people in education have become snobs, stay strong and take no
    notice of them.

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sevens7 · 14/02/2019 23:47

you can't force teachers to love all the the children but you can tie them up in knots with plenty of paperwork so they eventually become societies servants

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