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My daughters are out of control

Joiningthegossip · 26/11/2018 20:34

Hi Everyone, Stressed Mum here!

Where do I start, my eldest has just started school, I’m aware this is a new journey for them and they have a lot going on but she seems to save all her emotions & anger for me, we walk home for about a minute and she starts... this will lead to screaming, crying, hitting, stomping her feet - I just want to climb into a deep hole at this point, this carry’s on til we get home. I have tried going down to her level and talking to her, walking away, ignoring her and it just doesn’t work. When we get home I just send her to sit on the stairs and ask her to calm down, when she’s ready she can come sit with us - then all is fine.
In the meantime my nearly 3 year old will go up to her, hit her, poke her, breathe on her and we end up with another battle.
My younger daughter cries all the time, perhaps she’s frustrated or bored I’m not sure but I can’t entertain her 24/7 she needs to learn to play on her own, talk to mummy and not cry at me all day. Luckily she sleeps well, come 7pm she’s fast asleep.
My eldest on the other hand is a nightmare. Will stay up til 9/10pm playing up, shouting out, banging around.

Arghhh! My husband is usually a very calm person but he is struggling with the constant shouting and crying.

Help!! What are we doing wrong?

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BlueChampagne · 27/11/2018 13:03

Starting school is exhausting, especially if she's getting to sleep late too. How about meeting her with a snack? This might take her mind off the bad behaviour. It might also be worth booking a meeting with her teacher, in case they can help.

Good luck - DS1 has just started secondary and told me he didn't realise how tiring that would be!

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