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Hip Dysplasia in breech baby

MumJ21 · 20/01/2018 10:30

Hi all - I just wanted to share my experience with my DD who was born breech with hip dysplasia.

At 6 weeks old she was sent for a scan as is done with all breech babies and she was diagnosed that day and was given a Pavlik harness to wear for 6 weeks. Her tiny body was taken over by the contraption and with it being my first baby we were quite upset to see her like this. I wish someone could have given me reassurance that everything would be okay and the harness wouldn’t bother her.

After 6 weeks she was given a further check up to confirm she didn’t need surgery, luckily she didn’t need to reconstructive surgery as the harness was doing exactly what it was supposed to do and making the hip socket deeper. She was given a further 6 weeks in the harness.

After 3 months her hip had amazing progress and she no longer had to wear it. She has another scan when she is walking to check all is still okay before she can be discharged from treatment.

When we go for our appointments I see new mums with tiny babies getting their harnesses fitted - it will be okay! Our little girl hasn’t had any developmental issues from not being able to use her legs for 3 months and is doing really well.

So for other mums who are experiencing the same don’t worry your little ones are fine.

There is also an amazing company who make clothes for babies with hip dysplasia it’s called Hip Pose Ltd. The clothes go over the harness, I wish we would have found this sooner as our little girl just wore a vest under her harness so it didn’t rub her skin.

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