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Sobbing at drop off

pjsgalore · 13/01/2018 10:33

I have a confident, chatty and happy 4-year-old DD who started reception in September. She seems to have settled in well and made friends - and says she likes school - but every time I drop her off without fail she sobs and clings to my leg. Usually she stops after a few minutes according to the teacher, but the other morning she cried through the whole of assembly. And when she went on a playdate yesterday, she cried through most of it apparently - calling for me. So it seems to be getting worse!

I've tried being MORE loving and cuddly (though I'm very physically and verbally affectionate all the time by nature), I've tried being stern and strict - ie stop now, it's time to be brave. I've tried saying 'see you soon' instead of goodbye and quickly going out (though I always to try and make a quick exit after the teacher comes to actually physically peel her off my leg.)

I'm beginning to get worried there's something wrong, or I've somehow done something wrong to make her insecure?? Has anyone got any advice or tips? I was wondering if I bought her a little cuddly toy specially from me she could take that with her as comfort - but then I might be creating a new problem. Any help would be much appreciated!


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