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Is this notmal for a 9 yr old boy to google???

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Worriedmum123456 · 09/02/2016 09:24

9 yr old ds has been on the tablet (I do have parental controls on however Google was on and forgot to take it off). I have just been looking at the history and have found him googling the following : nude strip clubs, boobs, sex doll, sex, naked boobs, dicks. Amongst other things. He has ASD but high functioning. I know if I question him he will just deny it and say he didn't do it. That is what he does. I think I will sit down with him after school without telling him off and try to talk to him about it.... This has happened once before and I put it down to curiosity etc and I told him the Internet wasn't the right place to go and that he could always speak to me or anyone if he had questions....

I'm really worried about this and don't know what to do it if I should do anything else? His biological dad is no longer on the scene and he is very much like him, ex h was obsessed with sex, degraded women and abused me. Plus his second wife. I'm petrified ds1 will turn out like him. He is under Camhs although they are no use.....

Please help?!?

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PrettyBrightFireflies · 09/02/2016 10:52

I'd say all of those terms are things he could have picked up in the playground - despite most parents being oblivious to their DCs vocabulary.

Being ASD he's probably got a better memory for those types of phrases - whereas the rest of the group probably giggled and forgot the specific words/phrases that were said.

Put the highest level of parental control on electronics, make sure theyre not used in bedrooms, and that he knows he not afforded privacy when he uses them (I've not looked at my DDs internet history for years but she knows that i can, and that if she refuses, the device will be confiscated).

I wouldn't ban him for doing the searches tbh - it's totally natural and something we as parents should put protections in place.

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