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happyinahoodie · 06/02/2024 22:30

What do people think of Joanna?

OP posts:
Onelife2024 · 06/02/2024 23:02

I’ve always liked it a lot! A great name and sounds so refreshing among all the variations on Eve, Issy and Ellie at the moment! As long as you’re happy with Jo as a short version?

ChocolateCinderToffee · 06/02/2024 23:04

Love it!

Moveoverdarlin · 06/02/2024 23:05

Very dated. So many prettier names out there for a newborn baby. I would assume that anyone called Joanna was 45 plus. I’d put it in the same category as Ruth, Helen, Alison.

Moodicum · 06/02/2024 23:06


salamithumbs · 06/02/2024 23:12

I like it! (But I also really like other supposedly 'dated' names such as Caroline, Alison, Sarah, Suzanne, Julie, Laura and Debbie so what do I know)

AcrobaticCardigan · 06/02/2024 23:16

No. Agree with PPs - very dated - more naff 70s than cool/classic.

TheHeadOfTheHouse · 06/02/2024 23:18

It is dated, I prefer Rosanna which is very similar

TerriPie · 06/02/2024 23:20

I like it, also options for cute affectionate nicknames of Jo and Anna

Daisybuttercup12345 · 06/02/2024 23:21

Pretty and refreshing.

LoreleiG · 06/02/2024 23:21

I like it. It’s a very old name. Not just from the 70s! Although that said I like 70s girls’ names.

Underthesea65 · 06/02/2024 23:22

I prefer Joanne but still really like Joanna

MissedItByThisMuch · 06/02/2024 23:22

I like it. Refreshing change from all the El-, Em-, Ev- etc names.

DreamingInPhosphorescence · 06/02/2024 23:23

Lots at school with me (seventies/eighties) and yet to meet a nice one. So a no purely due to age and personal experience.

MissedItByThisMuch · 06/02/2024 23:23

See I find Joanne dated but not Joanna.

thegreylady · 06/02/2024 23:36

I think it is a beautiful name and not at all dated. I am much less keen on Joanne although both will probably end up as Jo .

NewName24 · 07/02/2024 00:10

It's nice enough.
Personally I prefer Joanne, but I like names that everyone else isn't using at the moment.

There was a thread asking about Joanne / Joanna recently. You could probably search for it if you want more opinions.

MaloneMeadow · 07/02/2024 02:14

Not a fan - very dated but not in a nice way and I can’t imagine one younger than 30.

Also really hate the inevitable Jo nickname

SueBranchers · 07/02/2024 10:44

I think it is LOVELY! The “Jo” has a masculine element, which contrasts to the patriarchal view that girls need feminine names. And the “Anna” acknowledges femininity! #GirlPower 🙋‍♀️

KirstenBlest · 07/02/2024 11:38

Refreshing change from all the Ellie/Ella, Lily/Lila, Mia/Mila/Maya, Evie/Ava/Ivy names.

peaceinourtime · 07/02/2024 13:32

KirstenBlest · 07/02/2024 11:38

Refreshing change from all the Ellie/Ella, Lily/Lila, Mia/Mila/Maya, Evie/Ava/Ivy names.

It’s a nice name, I agree with the above post.

Georgie743 · 07/02/2024 13:34

Yep I agree it's a nice name but very 80s. To me Joanna is between 35-45 and her friends are all called Gemma, Louise, Vicky, Emma and Sarah.

weebarra · 07/02/2024 13:40

I love it! It's my late sister's name so I'm biased (and yes, she was born in the 80's!). She went by Jo, Joey or Josie normally.

ToWorkOrNotToWork · 07/02/2024 13:44

It is a very late 70s/early 80s choice. Like Kimberley or Faye or Rachel or Jennifer.

I think it will have its day again - like Mabel and Margaret and Lily and Nora and Bernard and Wilbur and the other old names that have resurfaced. But I think it will be 30 years before it’s cool again.

Andante57 · 07/02/2024 13:47

Love it. Wish we’d called my dd Joanna

KeepSmiling89 · 07/02/2024 13:48

I think it's a lovely name :)

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