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What's your favourite out of these

74 replies

FranciscosDiscoBall · 31/01/2024 15:22


OP posts:
Justcallmebebes · 31/01/2024 15:35

The one on your list that's my name Grin

marshmallowfinder · 31/01/2024 15:38

Julia or Jessica.

Onelife2024 · 31/01/2024 15:39

Alice and Lucy are my two favourite ever girls names! So I vote for those!

Jessica would be other favourite from your list - I love that name!

Saskia and Julia are also nice.

Im personally not so keen on Violet or Diana, but they are fine.

Sunnnybunny72 · 31/01/2024 15:41


MaloneMeadow · 31/01/2024 15:43

Alice 100%. Not a fan of Saskia as I feel it’s a bit chavvy but I adore Sasha

urrrgh46 · 31/01/2024 15:45


In that order for me - although the first 3 are difficult to order!

OopsieeDaisy · 31/01/2024 15:55

Jessica is my favourite closely followed by Alice. Lucy is also ok but I’m not keen on the others.

Berriesofruby · 31/01/2024 15:56

Jessica and Alice

DinaofCloud9 · 31/01/2024 15:59

I like Violet and Jessica.

Strawberrycheesecake7 · 31/01/2024 15:59

Definitely Lucy. It’s what I plan to name my daughter if I ever have one. I also like Alice from your list.

Berriesofruby · 31/01/2024 16:03

Didn't see Lucy that's nice too.
I think Alice, Lucy at Jessica have classic yet fresh feel to them.

Doublebiscuit77 · 31/01/2024 16:04


OverTheCountryClub · 31/01/2024 16:08

Lucy and Jessica

Nicebloomers · 31/01/2024 16:12

I really like Alice

surely Diana is due a revival though? You’d be ahead of the curve.

TallulahBetty · 31/01/2024 16:13

Violet, then Saskia

The the rest a long way behind.

Mirrormeback · 31/01/2024 16:16

I like them all

Not so keen on Violet though

Namechangesab · 31/01/2024 16:16

Alice. One of my favourite names ever.

Second would be Jessica but only if she goes by Jess or Jessie

Ohlookwhoitis · 31/01/2024 16:18

Jessica or Julia..

Funderthighs · 31/01/2024 16:18

Lucy, followed by Jessica, then Alice.

Yirk · 31/01/2024 16:21


ladygindiva · 31/01/2024 16:23

Saskia by a mile,love it, but the others are all ok.

HalloumiGeller · 31/01/2024 16:27

Jessica or Violet for me

GoodnightJude1 · 31/01/2024 16:29

Definitely Lucy. Such a pretty name and not too popular atm as far as I’m aware.

My cousin is Lucie and I’ve always been very jealous of her name!

Theoldwoman · 31/01/2024 16:47

Alice is my very favourite!

Mumofgirls2017 · 31/01/2024 16:48

Alice, Julia second

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