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Middle name for our boy that goes with the first name we picked!

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noaddedsugarx · 27/01/2024 20:24

I think we’ve decided on River for our little boy but we’re stuck for a middle name. My other half wants Maddox but I don’t think River Maddox flows very well 🤔 what do you reckon?

I was thinking something more traditional like James to counteract the fact River is not traditional at all…but she said absoutely not.

Any ideas?

not looking for any negative opinions on the first name we’ve chosen fyi

OP posts:
DuchessOfSausage · 28/01/2024 15:10

River James Jackson sounds like Rev. James Jackson. Do a search on Father James Jackson.

Jesse would go well

Mammyloveswine · 28/01/2024 15:13

Windymcwindyson · 27/01/2024 20:34

Where do you live op? Tyne would work well here....

My nephew went to school with a "Tyne" and a "Keegan"

Workawayxx · 28/01/2024 15:23

River is lovely and I love the idea of a classic name with it. James is perfect. I agree that Maddox doesnt flow well although I’m not sure why. I’m a bit obsessed with the flow of names though! I think you need a middle name that starts with a consonant, doesn’t end in -er to go with River and doesn’t end in -on to work with your surname.

a few options…
river daniel Jackson
river Miles Jackson
River Gregory Jackson
River Benjamin Jackson
River Levi Jackson
River Finley Jackson

Createausernametoday · 28/01/2024 17:50

DuchessOfSausage · 28/01/2024 11:43

I think @Createausernametoday 's suggestion of Ting is the best one but River Ted is pretty good too.

@londonmummy1966 , Maddox is Madog in Welsh

It’s just for fun !

itsgettingweird · 28/01/2024 18:02

River James Jackson is actually really cool 😎

Love the name River.

I know twins River and Caleb. Unfortunately that would be a mouthful with the surname!

Jack is also lovely but again - the surname.

Also like

River Leo Jackson
River Thomas Jackson
River Joshua Jackson
River George Jackson

Hankthehonk · 28/01/2024 22:47

I'm sure you've thought of this but are there any family names you'd want to use? You could look at your family trees including women's maiden names for inspiration? We decided our son's middle name that way.
In naming our kids we only consider middle names with some significance like this but I know lots of people just go for names they like, zero judgement.

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