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Just wanting some other opinions

29 replies

BoyWhoScreamedFox · 24/01/2024 12:19

What do these names evoke in your mind and what are your favourites?

Eve, Lydia, Eloise, Lucy, Anna, Felicity.

OP posts:

Favourite from this list

89 votes. Final results.

NachosAndCheese · 24/01/2024 12:25

Eve - dull, overused. Endless Evies/Eva’s and Evelyn’s. Also blends into the sea of Avas and Ivys. The world does not need even more Evie-Mays or Evie-Roses.

Lydia - really like it, I know two.
Eloise - nice
Lucy - nice, popular, bit bland.
Anna - like it
Felicity - love this

Moier · 24/01/2024 12:31

Felicity.. l adore it.
Know of too many with other names..

TeapotCollection · 24/01/2024 12:33

Felicity has too many syllables, someone will somehow shorten it

oldnorsesaga · 24/01/2024 12:35

BoyWhoScreamedFox · 24/01/2024 12:19

What do these names evoke in your mind and what are your favourites?

Eve, Lydia, Eloise, Lucy, Anna, Felicity.

I like Lydia, Eloise and Felicity and my favorite is Felicity.

Doublebiscuit77 · 24/01/2024 12:38

Anna or Lydia are my favourites. Don't dislike any though, good names apart from Felicity which feels a bit wet.

Barleysugar86 · 24/01/2024 12:43

Eve- it feels too boring/ common. Would be a nice middle name though. Felicity is my favourite, and I've always loved Anna and Lucy.
Lydia is kind of nice but I hear the LID very strongly. Plus I think of Aunt Lydia from the Handmaid's tale!
Eloise feels a little try hard/ flouncy to imagine using it in everyday life.

bettynutkins · 24/01/2024 12:54

I really like Lydia

Enko · 24/01/2024 12:56

For me. Eve Lucy and Anna are very run of the mill names. Names I expect to hear regularly and I personally find a bit dull.

Lydia Eloise and Felicity. Are known names. All bar Felicity are in the top 100 from what I have quickly referenced.

None of them are names that ought to cause a great deal of surprise for people in Engliah speaking countries.

Personally I have a fondness for Eloise (but do prefer Eloisa) the others are not my liking of names.

BoyWhoScreamedFox · 24/01/2024 13:12

Thanks for the replies. My faves atm are Felicity and Anna, DH likes Anna and Lucy.

OP posts:
MaloneMeadow · 24/01/2024 16:09

Eve - not a fan, feels a bit boring but I adore Eva

Lydia - I’ve never liked it, it’s always sounded quite harsh to me and reminds me of a medicine or birth control name!

Anna - Really like this. Classic and simple but still feels very pretty and fresh

Lucy - Far too common to a point where it feels dull. Definitely gone past its sell by date. There was a huge influx in the early 00s, 19 year old DD knows too many to count! Lucia is nice and more unique

Eloise - Lovely and quite unusual these days

Felicity - I do like it but it feels a bit overly posh/try hard, not sure!!

tokesqueen · 24/01/2024 16:19

Eve - dull, lots of them
Lydia - very now. Not keen
Elouise - a bit of a mouthful and too similar to the millions of Ellies. Like Louisa.
Lucy - rather wet
Anna - ok
Felicity - similar vein to Lydia with lots of silly nn

Onelife2024 · 24/01/2024 18:39

My favourite is Lucy - pretty, simple, classic, I like the sound of it, nice for all ages

Anna is a close second - classic, fresh and pretty for all ages.

Lydia - lovely too - might get shortened as 3 syllable names often do.

Eloise - love this but she will become Ellie.

Eve - I love this but I think it’s too overused at the moment for my taste

Felicity - sounds pretty but as pp said it might get shortened because it’s 3 syllables - so depends if you like the nn’s (Fliss / Flick / Lissy are nice for a young child but not sure for an adult?)

Mumofgirls2017 · 24/01/2024 18:41

Eve- think of the woman in the bible
Lydia- biblical, someone sensible, maybe bit plain
Eloise- posh but a bit feisty
Lucy- girl next door, pretty but maybe but wet, Anna- classy, popular, sporty
Felicity- bit aloof, posh, horsey

Mumofgirls2017 · 24/01/2024 18:42

I’d vote Eloise, Anna second

Snoopystick · 24/01/2024 19:10

My favourite is Lucy. I like all the others apart from Felicity.

PickledScrump · 24/01/2024 20:15

I like Eloise and Anna, but my favourite is Felicity, I’m biased though as I have a little Felicity.

littlemousebigcheese · 24/01/2024 20:28

Anna is nice, Annie is a cute nn
Lucy feels very blah to me or like loo seat
Lydia sounds like idiot
Really don't like Eloise, can't work out why!

KirstenBlest · 24/01/2024 20:31

Eve - beautiful but Evie, Ava, Eva, Aoife, Niamh, Evelyn are too popular
Lydia - elegant and classic but Lyds.
Eloise - ok but a bit hard to say and the Elouise misspelling is ugly. Prefer Louise.
Lucy - pretty and classic but L names like Lily are too popular
Anna - nice classic, works internationally
Felicity - nice meaning but too long

I know lots of Annas and Hannahs, so seems a bit ordinary

NotFastButFurious · 25/01/2024 11:56

They're all robust classic names. I like them all apart from Eloise which just has too many vowels and is a bit frilly for me! I'm also a bit bored of Eve, there's hundreds of Eve / Evie / Eva's in the graduate population at work and I can't remember who's which variation of the name.....although maybe it's less popular now than it was 20-25 years ago?
My favourite is probably Anna.

Firsttimebabymama · 25/01/2024 16:34

I voted Felicity but I am biased as torn between that and another name for my little girl on the way :)

4LeafCloverBaby · 25/01/2024 17:05

my best friend was called Felicity & we used to call her Flick for short…was cute ☺️

theduchessofspork · 25/01/2024 20:39

Felicity - love it

Lydia - like it - less popular than Felicity which might make me go for it

Anna - lovely classic but too many Annies - Nancy is a nice shortform though

Lucy - pretty but a bit wet, getting overused

Eve - oh blimey another one

Eloise - oh blimey another Ellie

TheYearOfSmallThings · 25/01/2024 20:42

These are all lovely names and you couldn't go wrong with any of them. My personal preference would be Felicity or Lucy.

shoopshoopdedoo · 25/01/2024 23:26

Love Anna.
Eve, Lucy and Lydia are nice.
Felicity is OK - I find it a little bit frilly.
Reay dislike Eloise.

Yuckyyuckyuckity · 25/01/2024 23:29

Love Anna, Lucy is nice enough, dislike the rest

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