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Two names!

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m123x · 06/01/2024 17:55

Hello, my cousin is due her daughter in a few months and she is stuck on these two names… which ones do you prefer? Surname is two syllables. Ta


OP posts:
DuchessOfSausage · 06/01/2024 18:13

Connie but would use Constance as the registered name.
Is Raia Rye-a or Ray-a?

Doublebiscuit77 · 06/01/2024 18:13

Out of the two, Connie. I'm not sure how you would say Raia. Is it like Ray uh?

Mystro202 · 06/01/2024 18:14

I'd go for Raia 😊

jackstini · 06/01/2024 18:14

Raia- am presuming said as Ray-a
Quite like it spelled Raya too - might be easier to get people to pronounce correctly

PivotPivotmakingmargaritas · 06/01/2024 18:17

Connie - the other name I wasn’t even sure how to say until I read other comments. Child doesn’t need that their whole life

BoleynMemories13 · 06/01/2024 19:30

I like Connie (but would definitely use as a stand alone name, Constance just reminds me of incontinence!).

Raia will come with constant pronunciation issues. Is she wanting Rye-uh or Ray-uh? The only Raya I know (this spelling) is Rye-uh. Also worth noting my phone instantly autocorrected Raia to Aria.

Watchthedoormat · 06/01/2024 19:31


Fox111 · 06/01/2024 19:42


chicke09 · 06/01/2024 19:46

Raia but I think it may cause less confusion with the spelling Raya.

AyeRightYeAre · 06/01/2024 19:48


LulooLemon · 06/01/2024 20:08

Cornelia with Connie as diminutive.

Gallyy · 06/01/2024 20:09

I love Connie

Onelife2024 · 06/01/2024 20:50

Raia is lovely, not commonly used, not too long / doesn’t need a nn, and sounds confident but pretty for any age.

Connie is a nice nn for a young girl but I’m not so keen on it for a teen / adult. I’m not too keen on Constance or Cornelia as longer versions either.

AnOrdinaryWoman · 06/01/2024 20:52

I'm reading Raia as Rye-ah! I like it but prefer Connie! (and absolutely love Bonnie if I may offer that as a suggestion!)

SummerHouse · 06/01/2024 20:53

As long as the two syllable surname isn't sunshine 😂

theduchessofspork · 07/01/2024 12:26

Constance nn Connie

theduchessofspork · 07/01/2024 12:26

SummerHouse · 06/01/2024 20:53

As long as the two syllable surname isn't sunshine 😂


DuchessOfSausage · 07/01/2024 12:43

I think Hope would be a good middle name for Raya

peaceinourtime · 07/01/2024 14:39

Neither, they’re not nice names

Babyblackbear78 · 07/01/2024 18:12

Connie Rae

DuchessOfSausage · 07/01/2024 19:04

Connie Rae makes me think of Johnny Ray

Poor old Johnny Ray
Sounded sad upon the radio
Moved a million hearts in mono
Our mothers cried
Sang along, who'd blame them?

DesertSnow · 08/01/2024 14:18


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