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oldnorsesaga · 04/01/2024 15:30

TTC currently. We're atheist, and baby won't be christened. Don't want name that's overly religious, but also don't want something ridiculous, so I think I can't avoid names that are also at the very least saints names. We're Slavic, not currently living in English speaking country, but we don't have naming laws here. This is our list
Felicity - with nicknames Fliss and Lissy, don't really mind other nicknames
Melusine - name from old French fairytale, unknown meaning, also name associated with some European nobility. I like it because of sound mel-ew-Seen
Beatrice - would probably be pronounced in Italian way
Cordelia - currently, this is my favorite
Cecily - prefer with to other variants, not sure about Sis/Ces- nicknames
Matilda - also love, but would probably go for more unusual middle
Romilly - I don't like that this is modern, I don't like this isn't associated with mythology, history, literature or arts. I like the sound very much Ro-milly
Charlotte - would go for middle name that is more unusual

Cedric - I like that it has literary use
Roland - same as Cedric
Magnus - I like the sound
Maximilian - same as Magnus
August - loved this for years
Caspian - loved this for years


Melusine (pronounced Mel-ew-seen, also given as Melusina) is a legendary figure from European folklore depicted as a mermaid, sometimes with two tails, as a serpent from the waist down, or as a dragon...

OP posts:
Oliveandcheese · 04/01/2024 15:51

I love your names. Cordelia and Beatrice are my favourites for a girl, August or Caspian for a boy. You should go for one of those boys names if you have loved them for years.

Doublebiscuit77 · 04/01/2024 15:53

Felicity - i just don't like virtue names, Felicity is a bit wet blanket to me although it's a nice sound
Melusine - that is so random, I have literally been reading about this legend today (AS Byatt outlines it in Possession, although she calls the fairy Melusina.
Beatrice - i love it pronounced the Italian way
Cordelia - makes me think of Buffy, and King Lear, but i don't hate it
Cecily - fine. Quite pretty.
Matilda - fine. I like Mattie as a nn.
Romilly - not a fan.
Charlotte - not a fan.

pilates · 04/01/2024 15:55

Beatrice and Maximilian

Doublebiscuit77 · 04/01/2024 15:57

Cedric - great
Roland - fine.
Magnus - I like this
Maximilian - good
August - ok
Caspian - great

Meant to say quite like Melusine

PracticalPatricia · 04/01/2024 15:57

I really love Cecily. Loved it so much for dc1 but dh wasn't keen. Definitely gets my vote. Romilly is lovely too.

Of your boy names I like Cedric and Magnus a lot.

ErrolTheDragon · 04/01/2024 15:57

I like all your girls list. I've never come across a Melusine in real life but it rings a bell... Possession by AS Byatt?

The boys are ok though somehow don't quite hit the spot as well for me.

TM1979 · 04/01/2024 15:58

Cordelia or August

HuntingoftheSnark · 04/01/2024 16:07

Cordelia - my cat's name and I love it. Magnus - equally a fabulous name.

Mumofgirls2017 · 04/01/2024 16:25

Love your names. Especially the boys. I like Matilda. Also Romilly. Can’t pick from boys! Maybe Magnus but Caspian gorgeous too.

Onelife2024 · 04/01/2024 19:24

Felicity - this is nice
Melusine - I’ve never heard this name - not sure it’s to my taste
Beatrice - lovely
Cordelia - I quite like this but I’m not sure if it would get shortened and what to? Maybe not such an issue outside of the UK though!
Cecily - agree that it’s nice enough but not sure on nn’s
Matilda - lovely, like Tilly as a nn
Romilly - I agree that it’s a lovely sound and like Romy as a nn
Charlotte - lovely

Cedric - not to my taste
Roland - not keen either
Magnus - quite nice
Maximilian - love this
August - sorry not keen
Caspian - quite nice

Unicorntearsofgin · 04/01/2024 19:50

Love Melusine and Cordelia for girls

Love Caspian or August for boys

wasanneofcleves · 04/01/2024 19:54

They are really all beautiful names other than Melusine. I agree Cordelia and Caspian are particularly lovely. Good choices OP.

FayCarew · 04/01/2024 19:58

Felicity - ok
Melusine - a bit unusual
Beatrice - would probably not be pronounced the Italian way
Cordelia - ok
Cecily - ok
Matilda - ok
Romilly - makes me think of Romiley, Stockport
Charlotte - nice

Cedric - no
Roland - not sure
Magnus - fine
Maximilian - fine
August - Au-GUST or AU-gust. Might be Ow-goost where you are?
Caspian - fine

CharlieBoo · 04/01/2024 20:04

Felicity - ok
Melusine - looks like masculine so no
Beatrice - won’t be pronounced Italian if you live UK
Cordelia - know a lovely little Cordelia.. love
Cecily - ok.. like the nn Cece
Matilda - nice.. don’t like Tilly though
Romilly - ok
Charlotte - my favourite along with Cordelia

Cedric - no
Roland - Grange Hill memories so no
Magnus - no
Maximilian - ok like max
August - erm no
Caspian - nice

ShoesoftheWorld · 04/01/2024 20:08

Felicity, Melusine, Magnus and Caspian are great. I also like Matilda and Charlotte, though I think the latter may produce possibly quite surprising pronunciation differences/issues. I think Cecily would be good in the UK but possibly not outside it. Cordelia has too tragic associations for me, and I really dislike Romilly and can't understand why it's so loved.

Roland's quite nice. Not keen on Cedric or August (with which you'll have the Aw-gust vs Ow-gust thing). Maximilian = overused (certainly in my European country) and fussy. ETA but, contrarily, I do like Maxim.

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