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tigressa · 27/12/2023 00:46

What do we think of Elle?

Big sister is Anna, so would be Anna and Elle - is this a bit too Frozen?? 😬

Other names we thought of include Eva, Julia, Cora... also as a bit of a wildcard, Alexis?

Open to suggestions too, but I do really like Elle I think so would appreciate opinions on that as well.

OP posts:
MerryChristmasToYou · 28/12/2023 14:14

Nell is better

OopsieeDaisy · 29/12/2023 09:51

I like the name written down but agree with others it sounds like you’re nicknaming them ‘L’ when said aloud. Would be lovely as a shortening though, eg for Eleanor. Otherwise Cora is lovely and goes well with Anna.

Doublebiscuit77 · 29/12/2023 11:32

I mangle words that end in an l, like Paul, Hull etc so would personally avoid Elle! I love Julia though, and Cora's ok.

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