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Grace or Gracie?

23 replies

CoffeeMamaBear · 24/12/2023 02:27

Settled on Mila for the first name, but are thinking between Gracie or Grace for the middle. I want to name her after one of my favourite singers whose name is Gracie, but wondering if it flows?

OP posts:
toastofthetown · 24/12/2023 02:36

I think Grace works better. Grace is one of the most popular girls middle names probably because it works so well with most first name. Three of the last four girls born I know have been XYZ Grace. Gracie is also fine, but if you have a two syllable surname I’d avoid it, as I don’t like the repetition of three consecutive two syllable names all with the same surname. Just sounds very plodding to me.

Musntapplecrumble · 24/12/2023 02:47

Grace. Lovely.

25yearstilretirement · 24/12/2023 02:58

Both awful. I suggest Scheherazade as a cute alternative

oneflewoverthe · 24/12/2023 04:48

Grace is lovely. Gracie sounds so twee and boring or a nickname for a 3 year old.

Theoldwoman · 24/12/2023 05:08

Grace, 100%.

Pemba · 24/12/2023 05:13

Grace is nice and it flows well as a middle name with most names. I do find that Gracie has a childish vibe.

marshmallowfinder · 24/12/2023 05:28

Grace is better. Gracie would be fairly ridiculous on an adult. I'm sorry to say, your first name choice just makes me think 'mealer/mealy' which is an ugly sound. Mealworm/mealybug. 🤢 (Just in case you weren't aware. )

makeminealargeoneagain · 24/12/2023 06:11


MissedItByThisMuch · 24/12/2023 06:15

It’s a middle name so will rarely be used. Grace is more common and classic, but if Gracie has meaning for you use that.

SoSad44 · 24/12/2023 06:17

Doesn’t flow. Go with Grace

MerryChristmasToYou · 24/12/2023 10:59

Grace but it seems to be every other girl's middle name.
She'll probably be in a class with a Mila Rose, Mia Grace and a Lila Grace.

TheWeatherOutsideIs · 24/12/2023 11:04

Grace, I feel, is more traditional. Gracie feels more like a pet name for a child than an adult name. I’d go for Grace, but call her Gracie as an affectionate pet name if you want to.

ErrolTheDragon · 24/12/2023 11:05

Grace of course, Gracie is a nickname/diminutive. Gracie Fields (the only singer I can think of with this name) was a Grace.
The single syllable also works much better after Mila.

muddyford · 24/12/2023 11:06


Saltysausage · 24/12/2023 11:07

Grace, Gracie is pretty awful.

ConnieCroydon · 24/12/2023 11:09

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LikeItOrLumpIts · 24/12/2023 12:49

Grace, as Gracie is too cutesy and doesn’t flow.

However every other girl has Grace as a middle name so I guarantee that every Mila will be a Mila Grace/Rose/May.

Olika · 24/12/2023 13:06

Gracie sounds like a nickname from Grace.

Notmetoo · 24/12/2023 13:09

Grace is lovely. Isn't Gracie a pet name for someone called Grace?

DesertSnow · 24/12/2023 20:26

Mila Grace is lovely

theduchessofspork · 24/12/2023 20:28

Grace is much much nicer - very elegant and flows better

Daisybuttercup12345 · 24/12/2023 22:02

Gracie is a nickname for Grace.

SemperIdem · 24/12/2023 22:13

Gracie sounds too much like greasy.

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