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Middle names after both grandfathers- which order?

11 replies

Lululumpkin · 14/12/2023 09:20

Hi everyone,

I am currently thinking I will have: baby's name, followed by my dad's name followed by my father-in-law's name so that the final name rolls into my father-in-law's surname (my husband's surname) But I'm wondering does- does the order imply favouritism of any kind? Don't want to fall into that trap!


OP posts:
DuvetCovers · 14/12/2023 09:22

No, just go with whatever flows better.

Santaiswashinghissleigh · 14/12/2023 09:22

Why not do it alphabetically?

KirstenBlest · 14/12/2023 09:26

FIL first to avoid the baby being Noah DFname DFILname

ElevenSeven · 14/12/2023 09:26

Whatever sounds better, there’s no rules

Grumpynan · 14/12/2023 09:27

Which ever sounds better,

SFHJ · 14/12/2023 09:28

We used both mums names with our daughter my dh mums name was first as our daughter was not going to be his mum so we didn’t want her full name in there so there was ad my mums name breaking it up

SleepingStandingUp · 14/12/2023 09:49

I think you just need to go with what sounds better.

So John James flows better than James John for example

SleepingStandingUp · 14/12/2023 09:51

Alt if all sounds good,if FIL is James Brown and your dad is Jack, I'd go

Thaddeus James Jack Brow
so you're father in law's name is broken up

SoSad44 · 14/12/2023 09:54

Also make sure the initials work so it doesn’t say a rude word or something weird eg MAD or NUTS or FUC etc

MargotBamborough · 14/12/2023 10:01

Whichever sounds better. Consider whether the initials spell anything in any particular order or whether any two names don't go well next to each other, e.g. don't put a name ending in "ana" before a name beginning with L.

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 14/12/2023 11:41

If one sounds better than the other go with that but I choose to do fil first and then my dad so that with the surname it isn’t just sound like I was saying fil’s name at the end.

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