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Baby nearly 3 weeks old. No name yet!

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ToBeNamed · 03/12/2023 15:24

Keen to finalise asap. Please help.

Etta (possibly Arietta)
Islia (anglicised take on Eilir)

Older sibling has a flower name, with Welsh middle name (one of my parents has Welsh background).

Wanting fresh sounding and somewhat different name that’s likely to suit across ages.

Most shortlisted names have an issue of some kind e.g. someone very recently used same name or used similar name in past; or concerns about spelling.

Please be kind. My first time posting.

OP posts:
Elderflower2016 · 03/12/2023 15:28

All sound lovely. Only downside to number 3 is that it might be annoying for the child to explain how to pronounce/ spell name frequently. You could use that as a Middle name maybe? But just go with your heart don’t worry about what anyone else thinks!!

LylaLee · 03/12/2023 15:28

Don't you legally have to register the birth?

Floralnomad · 03/12/2023 15:28

Of those 3 Phoebe . I don’t like Etta and Islia auto corrects to Isla and you will constantly be correcting people because they see the first couple of letters and assume .

MaloneMeadow · 03/12/2023 15:32

Phoebe 100%. Etta isn’t a real name, very much just a nickname and Islia will lead to a life of pronunciation/spelling issues

OhpoorMe · 03/12/2023 15:34

LylaLee · 03/12/2023 15:28

Don't you legally have to register the birth?

You have 6 weeks to register

KirstenBlest · 03/12/2023 15:34

Etta (possibly Arietta) - Arietta looks made up. Etta sounds like 'Ate a'
Phoebe - fine
Islia (anglicised take on Eilir) - should that read Isla? Woildn't know how to say Islia - Izz-lee-ah?
If you mean the Welsh name Eilir, it sounds nothing like Isla or Islia, and is usually a man's name. Eilir is not easy to transcribe but is a bit like EY-lirr

Ellmau · 03/12/2023 16:00

Phoebe is a lovely name.

Not Islia, people are bound to think it's a mistake for Isla.

Etta is OK, but not Arietta - it sounds made up. Marietta might be OK?

cheezncrackers · 03/12/2023 16:03

Etta is a nickname for Henrietta or some other name ending in -etta. On its own I don't think it works.
Phoebe is okay.
Islia? I really dislike made-up or 'unique' spellings. Either use the Welsh and suck up the endless 'How do you spell/pronounce that?' or use a different name.

MarthaMayWho · 03/12/2023 16:08

I like Arietta but I like unusual names and stay away from the top.
I like the name meaning, names with similar meanings are Melody, Ariana, Aria.
I left it till week six so no rush haha!

Gnomegnomegnome · 03/12/2023 16:15

I really like Arietta/Etta. It’s beautiful.

Congratulations @ToBeNamed

ToBeNamed · 03/12/2023 16:22

Thank you all. Very helpful - confirming much of what my partner and I have wondered and additional feedback really appreciated.

Sister is Lily with middle name Carys. I worried about the popularity of Lily when naming her but partner and I both loved it and have surprisingly found it not to be an issue yet for her age range.

There were sisters Lily and Elsie in my family tree a few generations back. I do like the name Elsie or the name Elsa as alternatives for baby too and either would seemingly suit her as well. But wonder if Elsie’s rising popularity in the UK may generate the same worry as before with Lily and know Elsa is linked to the film Frozen. Any thoughts on these names in relation to the shortlist?

Any other suggestions come to mind based on the shortlist, this info or otherwise?

Many thanks

OP posts:
asplashofmilk · 03/12/2023 16:25

Arietta and etta are good.
Phoebe is nice but quite a standard name, doesn't say fresh or different to me.
I'd go for option 3 but agree with pp you should stick to Welsh original.

SwishSwashSwooshSwersh · 03/12/2023 16:27

Arietta is lovely. Also Ariane and Oriel

Rosa would be my choice however

Floralnomad · 03/12/2023 16:28

I prefer Phoebe to Elsa . Elise is nicer than Elsie . If you like Etta what about Nesta

NomDePrune · 03/12/2023 16:28

Cariad? Welsh, means darling and pronounced like it reads

KirstenBlest · 03/12/2023 16:29

NomDePrune · 03/12/2023 16:28

Cariad? Welsh, means darling and pronounced like it reads

@NomDePrune , it doesn't just mean darling. It's awful as a name.

DidiAskYouThough · 03/12/2023 16:30

Phoebe is fine. Many accents don’t pronounce t in the middle of words nicely-including mine- ‘eh-ah/edda’. Islia (autocorrected to Isaiah) would be a pain to live with over decades, constantly correcting people and telling people how to say it.


bobby81 · 03/12/2023 16:31

Another vote for Phoebe.
Phoebe Elsa is nice. We know an Elsa & don't even think about the Frozen association so as a middle name I'm sure it wouldn't be an issue. Congratulations!

Robinbuildsbears · 03/12/2023 16:33

LylaLee · 03/12/2023 15:28

Don't you legally have to register the birth?

Apparently it's not unheard of for parents to register the baby as "Baby" and come back with a proper name before their first birthday, so there's not a huge hurry.

Mumofgirls2017 · 03/12/2023 16:35

I like Etta 🥰

LimeCheesecake · 03/12/2023 16:36

If you like Elsie and it’s a family name - same as Lily - then don’t let the popularity stop you!

You liked the name Lily even though it’s popular and you went for it, it’s fine to do the same with your DD2. You don’t need to be unique. She will be uniquely your child and unlike any other, even if they have the same name. (And I only know one little Elsie, and like you, it’s a family name.)

LimeCheesecake · 03/12/2023 16:37

Oh but I like the name Etta as well and would think “Henrietta” or “Fitzgerald” when I heard it.

newmama311 · 03/12/2023 16:42

Vote for etta :)

MarthaMayWho · 03/12/2023 16:59

I'm not sure Elise is too popular, yes it's top 100 but I've yet to come across multiples at baby groups like I have Ava and Amelia for example. Of course you are right that could change so if it bothers you best go for more unusual.

I like Cerys. I wonder if you have looked at other mythology names, Persephone, Penelope, Daphne, Ursula, Diana, some of which have similar meanings to your chosen list.

Meant to say I like Phoebe as well but that is getting more popular I think, hopefully not too overused though, just more regularly chosen

Orangeteatime · 03/12/2023 17:08

Etta and Elsie are lovely and both go well with Lily.

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