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HollyU · 29/11/2023 11:37

So my partner has now just agreed to change our daughters name. I have wanted to do this since she was 8 weeks old. She’s now 6 months and he has agreed (!)
It’s been effecting me so much the past couple of months. Is 6 months now too late to change? Hoping friends and family adjust :(

OP posts:
KatPatPat · 29/11/2023 12:32

Please just do it and don’t look back. I wish I’ve done it to my then one year old but I thought that was too late and now thinking about it no one would have remembered by now

KirstenBlest · 29/11/2023 14:45

Change it. People will get used to it.

sleepymama3 · 29/11/2023 14:47

6 months isn't too late. A year or more would be. Do it now before sending out Christmas cards!! Others will just have to get used to it, the baby won't remember

Wonderblue · 29/11/2023 14:48

Yep just do it! 6 months is not too late, in a year or two it’ll all be a distant memory.

SkaneTos · 30/11/2023 21:58

Not too late!

I agree with @sleepymama3 , about writing the new name in the holiday cards.

SoapySnowflake · 01/12/2023 07:08

I went through the same thing, felt like I’d chosen the wrong name for her when she was 9 days old but it took about 6 months of anguish to convince my husband, during which time I became very ill with PND and couldn’t say my daughter’s name.

We changed it and I’m much happier with her new name, although the cards and BC with her original name on does still upset me as it reminds me of that horrible time, which is a shame.

6 months is definitely not too late to change, it all went very smoothly for us. My family already knew I was unhappy with original name and friends didn’t really bat an eyelid, we just said her original name wasn’t sitting right on her.

Go and do it now then you can put the new name in all the Xmas cards :)

HollyU · 01/12/2023 12:18

@SoapySnowflake Bless you. Thank you for your reply. I’ve been struggling with PND and I think the name not sitting right with me has been a big part of me feeling so low.
How old was your little one when you changed it?
I have a 4 year old so just hoping he will adjust to the change too x

OP posts:
KirstenBlest · 01/12/2023 13:00

@HollyU , the 4-yr old will forget the old name very quickly

Longdarkcloud · 02/12/2023 16:14

OP just start calling her baby or a similar nickname for a while and then transition into using the new name. I expect, like most parents, you don’t use her given name much at this stage, anyway.
Have a conversation about names with your 4 year-old, focussing mainly on him and how you chose his name and what it means etc. Then tell him it was harder choosing DD’s name but now you’ve found the right one.

Daisybuttercup12345 · 02/12/2023 17:27

SkaneTos · 30/11/2023 21:58

Not too late!

I agree with @sleepymama3 , about writing the new name in the holiday cards.

Holiday cards!!!!!

peaceinourtime · 03/12/2023 14:56

Just do it OP, it isn’t to late

SoapySnowflake · 04/12/2023 11:22

@HollyU We ‘officially’ changed it on the BC just before the 12 month deadline. I also have an older daughter but she accepted the change very readily. We just said we think she’s more of an ‘X’ so that’s what we are going to call her. She had overheard all the convos between DH and myself over the name anyway so it didn’t really come as a shock to her.

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