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Baby girl name help… a few days to go!

31 replies

tm123x · 28/11/2023 18:51

Due a baby girl in the next few days… but so stuck name wise! Middle name is Olivia. Please can I have opinions/favourites of the list below?

Raia (Ray-Uh)

OP posts:
Elzibells · 28/11/2023 18:54

Raia is my favourite. Blossom/ Posy too wishy washy. Connie don't like. Ayla like but overused.

Raia is gorgeous!

FreshStartAgain23 · 28/11/2023 18:55

Blossom - far too twee
Raia (Ray-Uh) - a little 'Neveah' vibe from this
Connie - not bad but not my cup of tea
Ayla - like this
Posy - again, too twee

Mumofgirls2017 · 28/11/2023 19:02

I like posy and blossom but Connie or Ayla are safer!

FayCarew · 28/11/2023 19:05

Connie short for Constance. Check the initials don't form a word.

KCSIE · 28/11/2023 19:07

Not a fan of any tbh!

I met a girl called Rudy today (pronounced Roo-dee) and thought that was a lovely interesting little name.

RoseMartha · 28/11/2023 19:23

Connie and then Blossom from your list

ChildrenOfTheQuorn · 28/11/2023 19:55

Connie as a nn for Constance.

Prettyinred · 28/11/2023 19:58

I like Raia!

just curious why people bother responding just to say they don’t like any of the names🤔
that wasn’t the question

MaloneMeadow · 28/11/2023 20:06

Blossom and Posy are awful. With Connie all I can think of is Connie the Caterpillar, never been a fan at all. Ayla is alright but Raia is my favourite by far

Orangeteatime · 28/11/2023 20:11

I like Connie and Raia best.

Bobsyouraunty · 28/11/2023 20:14

Connie and blossom

Other suggestions, Poppy, Bonnie, Willow…

theduchessofspork · 28/11/2023 20:15

I really like Constance Olivia nn Connie

Don’t like the rest - either wet or odd.

FayCarew · 28/11/2023 20:17

Raia is ok, but I want to say it as Rye-a. I don't like Ayla at all - not how it looks or how it sounds. Ailsa is nice. Blossom and Posy are a bit too twee

Daisybuttercup12345 · 28/11/2023 20:18

Only Raia.
Blossom and Posy might be considered cute on a baby. Not so much on a woman in a career!!

FayCarew · 28/11/2023 20:19

Constance Olivia is lovely. as long as the surname isn't Cooper-Knight or similar

ScruffMuffin · 28/11/2023 20:25

Connie is my favourite from your list, and flows nicely with Olivia.

Blossom Olivia = B.O., in case that bothers you.
Raia and Ayla are really nice, but sound a little awkward with Olivia. However, full names aren't used very often, so go ahead if they sound nice with the surname.
Don't like Posy, but it goes with Olivia OK.

Mamato4girls · 28/11/2023 20:31

Raia is lovely and quite different. Naming babies is hard x I'm sure you'll find her perfect name. Take your time

MarthaMayWho · 28/11/2023 21:23

I like Constance nn Connie.

As virtue names go, it's not as doormatty as others. I think it's relatively classy and could imagine it on a woman.

Connie would fit right in with the current -ie trend so she wouldn't feel out of place, but can switch to her full name of the ies become dated or tired.

Theoldwoman · 28/11/2023 21:25

Gosh, none of these would be my choice, but probably Raya ( this spelling for easy pronunciation)

Doublebiscuit77 · 28/11/2023 22:37

Blossom - i quite like it but it does also sound a bit like a pet name. See if it suits her!
Raia (Ray-Uh) I think spelling it Raya would help get the right pronunciation. Pretty.
Connie - fine as a nn for Constance
Ayla - Layla with the first letter missing. Very like Ava, Orla, Arya etc as well. But it is a pretty sound.
Posy - my least favourite. Something prim about it.

babysharkdoodoodedoodedoo · 28/11/2023 22:39

LOVE Connie, Posy. Like Blossom. Raia and Ayal boring I think.

Lifeinlists · 28/11/2023 22:43

Olivia is much nicer than any on your list. You can't love any of those names enough if you're still undecided.

PickledScrump · 28/11/2023 23:18

Connie goes best with Olivia. Raia I would pronounce rye-a. It clashes with Olivia too. Ayala would end up being written as Isla. The others work better as middle names I think

Pemba · 29/11/2023 01:51

Agree with a pp that Olivia is nicer than any of those.

I quite like Connie though. Ayla is OK but are you pronouncing it like Taylor (minus the r), 'or the same as Isla? I've heard both.

Posy is too cutesy. Blossom is the worst, it sounds like a name for a horse or a cow, not a human.

mathanxiety · 29/11/2023 02:40

I like Posy and Blossom from your list.

Prefer Olivia as a first name with either of those two as a middle name though.

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