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What about Lavinia!

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jaijai23 · 27/11/2023 22:35

I’ve noticed the trend for most female babies born in 2023 is to end with an ‘a’ which I love but there are so many Mia’s, Emilia’s, Maya’s around. I think I adore Lavinia (from Downtown Abbey etc.) but I don’t actually know any babies with that name. What do you think - adorable or outdated!

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theduchessofspork · 27/11/2023 22:48

I have a teenage cousin Lavinia and quite like it

Mirrormeback · 27/11/2023 23:00

Will be Lav as in lavatory

Mum5net · 27/11/2023 23:38

My great great aunt was Lavinia. Her sisters were Mary, Edith, Harriet, Alice and Lily, all born in the 1880s.

User6761 · 28/11/2023 00:20

I know one in her mid 30s, nickname Vin.

eleah · 28/11/2023 02:15


eleah · 28/11/2023 02:16

Could be shortened to Nia instead of Lav.

Flutteringsparrows · 28/11/2023 02:17

I know a Lavinia, in her 30s, known as Vinnie. Supercool lady and suits the name.
I say go for it.

Wrongsideofpennines · 28/11/2023 02:25

If you like it then go for it. I think Cora would be a nicer Downton Abbey name to have.

Have a nickname you are happy to use when the inevitable 'Lav' comes round. Although I don't think children will particularly be making that connection with lavatory as its a very outdated word.

SantanaBinLorry · 28/11/2023 03:05

One of my best mates is Lavinia its a lovley name

flowerchild2000 · 28/11/2023 03:12

I think it's nice, and I like the Cora idea too.

filthypride · 28/11/2023 03:14

I know a Lavinia.
Really like the name.

Ittastesvile · 28/11/2023 07:43

My first thought is Titus Andronicus but I appreciate it isn't for most people.

Ornamentalcabbages · 28/11/2023 07:57

Lavinia sounds like a thrush cream brand, sorry

Salacia · 28/11/2023 11:12

Ittastesvile · 28/11/2023 07:43

My first thought is Titus Andronicus but I appreciate it isn't for most people.

I also think Titus Andronicus - the name therefore makes me think of the very tragic character. Sure most people will be more familiar with Downtown Abby though!

Vittoriosa · 28/11/2023 17:43

Definitely too close to “lav” or “lavvy” as a nickname. Also slightly sounds like a country

Vexxa · 28/11/2023 17:52

I really like it, with nickname Vinnie. I also love Lavender. I wasn't brave enough to use either though! The "lav" issue put me off.

Precipice · 28/11/2023 18:01

Are you a classicist or a devoted fan of the Aeneid, OP? That would be my association.

ChildrenOfTheQuorn · 28/11/2023 19:04

Love love Lavinia. Was in my top 2 names for DD but I went with the other choice as I hated Lav or Vinnie as nicknames.

jaijai23 · 28/11/2023 21:23

Aww love the idea of Nia for short!

OP posts:
PickledScrump · 28/11/2023 23:21

It was my nans name, shortened to Vin. I really wanted to like it as it was unusual and meaningful but I couldn’t warm to it at all. It sounds like it should be a medicine or std or something

CavalierApproach · 28/11/2023 23:31

In itself it’s a nice name but it does have some not-so-great associations.

As well as the ones pps have mentioned there’s Lavinia the head mean girl in A Little Princess, although I guess that’s now obscure. I mainly remember her because Frances Hodgson Burnett uses ‘ejaculated’ as a dialogue tag, and ‘Lavinia ejaculated’ is so awkward that it’s lodged in my memory Grin

Nellieinthebarn · 28/11/2023 23:31

I know kids will find anything to bully other kids, but I wouldn't be giving her a name that can easily be shortened to Lavvy.

Newsenmum · 29/11/2023 03:20

Mirrormeback · 27/11/2023 23:00

Will be Lav as in lavatory

I’ve only known one in her 30s and has never gone as this.Its a beautiful name.

Newsenmum · 29/11/2023 03:22

People will hate on any name. There’s really nothing wrong with it. You could say that Mia sounds like “me, ahhh” or Amelia sounds like “meely” like measles.
Lavinia is a traditional real name. Go with what you love.

Belichtofalicht · 29/11/2023 03:42

I think it sounds a bit prissy, plus she'll be called Lav and Lavatory etc at school. But it's also beautiful. I love a lot of old aristocratic names like that, and Clarissa, Arabella, Adelaide, Araminta, etc. The trouble is that I don't think they work in the real world. Outside a novel or a TV series, they just sound stuck-up. People will be likely to judge her as a spoilt little madam when hearing her name. People do judge others on their names, unfortunately. I also think that such names aren't very compatible with a career. Will people take a young woman named Arabella or Lavinia seriously at work? It sounds like the name of someone who should be wearing a corset and lying back thinking of England! 😂Maybe shoot for something that sounds pretty but doesn't have those out-of-touch connotations? I like Victoria, Elizabeth, and Alexandra, but I never used them because they'd always be Vicky, Lizzy, and Alex! Names like Laura, Nadia, Lydia, Vanessa etc are pretty but not overly aristocratic for the modern world. JMO.

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