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Views on these two girl names

40 replies

Emersonn · 27/11/2023 14:00

Hello all, what's peoples views on these two names
I heard Elara today and it's so unusual. Finding it so hard to find girl and boy names that we like. Thank you!

OP posts:
octoberfarm · 27/11/2023 14:04

Love Clara, slightly less sure on Elara, sorry. But nothing wrong with it! Just not my favorite.

DesertSnow · 27/11/2023 14:15

Clara is nice and classic, while also not too popular

bobby81 · 27/11/2023 14:27

I like Clara

NotFastButFurious · 27/11/2023 14:34

Clara is lovely.
Elara sounds a bit made up and trying to be different whilst actually being very like a lot of other popular names.

Justanothermanicfunday · 27/11/2023 14:35

I've never heard of Elara but it's definitely my favourite of the two!

Nineteendays · 27/11/2023 14:40

I’ve not heard of Elara but do like Elora which I saw in a book once. Also do like Clara which is classy and beautiful.

antiquepowder · 27/11/2023 14:42

I know an Alara. Never heard it as a name before, only a health food brand

MaloneMeadow · 27/11/2023 15:10

Love Clara - pretty and timeless. Not a fan of Elara at all. How about Lara?

FayCarew · 27/11/2023 15:14

Not keen on Clara. Cara is much nicer.
Not keen on Elara either. Lara is nicer.
I'd pick Cara

Prettyinred · 27/11/2023 15:25

Like Elara

MilkChocolateCookie · 27/11/2023 15:26

Love Clara, Elara is quite nice.

RuthW · 27/11/2023 16:40

Clara is lovely

SneezyEvie · 27/11/2023 16:47

Clara 😍

TinklingToadstools · 27/11/2023 16:51

Clara is very pretty.
I also like Pia.

FrostyFlo · 27/11/2023 17:08

How about the character the Phillip Pullman trilogy of books , Lyra .

Enko · 27/11/2023 19:17

I like Elara a lot.

Ittastesvile · 27/11/2023 19:22

Tbh I know a lot of children called Lara, Alana, Elora, Eleanor, Elena, Elara etc etc. They mostly blend in to one to me even though I like them individually.

So I prefer Clara although like Claire more.

Inyourwildestdreams · 27/11/2023 19:25

I prefer Alara to Elara 😊

theduchessofspork · 27/11/2023 20:55

Clara is lovely

Elara sounds a bit random / made up

maybe Estella?

lulalulalula · 27/11/2023 20:57

I like Elara. It's a moon of Jupiter. Clara is ok but I've heard it spoken elongated to 3 syllables as Cuhlara and that's put me off it.

lavenderjump · 27/11/2023 21:04

I actually have both of these names on my list if we have a dd.
I also like Elora and Elana.
Favourite is probably Clara

SiennaMillar · 27/11/2023 21:27

I’ve never heard of Elara and I don’t like it at all, sorry OP, it looks like ‘ear’ to me.

Theoldwoman · 27/11/2023 21:34

Love Clara!

Not so much Elara.

eleah · 28/11/2023 06:42

Clara is beautiful. I'm not such a fan of Elara, sorry.

peaceinourtime · 29/11/2023 08:13

Of the two Clara, it’s a beautiful name. Elara looks made up.

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