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Middle name for Seren

34 replies

jade1213 · 25/11/2023 23:04

hi everybody,

im having a baby girl in january and i've settled for the name 'seren'.

but i cant think of a middle name for her :(

any suggestions i would apperciate <3

thank you

OP posts:
Itsbeginningtolookalotlike · 25/11/2023 23:06

Seren isa beautiful name. I don't think you need to add a middle name. People give them and hardly ever use them. I can understand it if honouring a special person in their life but otherwise they can be a bit pointless.

AtomHeartMotherOfGod · 25/11/2023 23:14

Angharad (can't decide if that's too 'n'y if coupled with Seren but it's another beautiful Welsh name anyway)

I love Seren!

Hellocatshome · 25/11/2023 23:17

If you can't think of one she doesn't need one. Bit as far as ideas

Seren Edith
Seren Elizabeth
Seren Felicity
Seren Lucinda
Seren Etta

MissingMoominMamma · 25/11/2023 23:18

Are there any family names you’d like to honour?

geoger · 25/11/2023 23:18

Seren Elizabeth
Seren Jane
Seren Rose

MadamVastra · 25/11/2023 23:18


Pinkpinkpink15 · 25/11/2023 23:21

MadamVastra · 25/11/2023 23:18


you've stolen my suggestion! I should have posted before reading the thread!!


I suppose I'll have to settle for 'itty'

Summerscoming23 · 25/11/2023 23:23

Seren Rose
Seren May

Cammac · 25/11/2023 23:25

MadamVastra · 25/11/2023 23:18


Beat me to it 🫣

Seren is a beautiful name. If you feel you have to add a middle name google Welsh girls names. There are too many beautiful Welsh names to list here

Plump82 · 25/11/2023 23:26


Needmoresleep · 25/11/2023 23:26


PizzaPastaWine · 25/11/2023 23:32

Seren Haf

Seren meaning star and Haf meaning summer.

Theredfoxfliesatmidnight · 26/11/2023 00:37

Lowri (Welsh for Laura)

kaceylena · 26/11/2023 00:38


Mumofgirls2017 · 26/11/2023 07:40

Seren elizabeth
seren Fae
seren matilda
seren grace
seren abigail
seren eloise
seren ottilie
seren ivy
seren isabella
seren pearl
seren violet
seren juliet
seren olivia
seren daisy

peaceinourtime · 26/11/2023 09:52

It’s beautiful Jade that you’ve decided to go with Seren; for a middle name Hope maybe it will be nice. Good luck

MadamVastra · 26/11/2023 09:55

@Pinkpinkpink15 @Cammac


GogLais · 26/11/2023 12:49

@AtomHeartMotherOfGod , there's no n or n sound in Angharad.

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 26/11/2023 12:50

My initial thought was jade and then realised it’s your name.


theduchessofspork · 26/11/2023 12:50


or a family name?

Theoldwoman · 26/11/2023 13:07

Seren Juliet
Seren Zara
Seren Caroline
Seren Alice

GogLais · 26/11/2023 13:28


AtomHeartMotherOfGod · 26/11/2023 19:05

GogLais · 26/11/2023 12:49

@AtomHeartMotherOfGod , there's no n or n sound in Angharad.

Genuinely interested in the pronunciation then; I always thought it was pronounced Ann-harad. Is it A-harad or Aah-harad?

GogLais · 26/11/2023 19:20

Ang to rhyme with hang, fang or tang. (You don't sound the g like when some people say 'hang on' as 'hang-gon')

so Ang-HARR-ad.

ng is one letter not n+g, so no n.

Laurdo · 26/11/2023 19:21

Funnily enough when I read this headline I thought "Jade".

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