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Susannah, Rosanna, Tessa, Juliet, Elise - poll

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Shortlistingmum · 24/11/2023 17:22

I think we have narrowed our short list down to these and thought it would be a good opportunity to try out he poll feature. Recommendations for middle names also much welcomed!

OP posts:

Which is your favourite ?

88 votes. Final results.

KirstenBlest · 24/11/2023 17:48

A list of nice names.

  1. Susannah - like it best but might get written as Susanna and shortened to Susie. (I like both)
  2. Tessa - prefer Tess
  3. Rosanna - Might get said/spelt as Roseanna, said as Rozzanna, and shortened to Rose or Rosie.
  4. Juliet - lovely but I don't like Juliette or when people say Juliet as Julie-ette
  5. Elise - I'd drop this one. Too close to Elsie, car name, El-names too popular
joan12 · 24/11/2023 17:53

I had Susannah, Rosanna and Juliet or Julia on my list! Love these and probably would have gone for Rosanna if I hadn't had boys. I prefer Rosie to Susie as a shortening; just didn't really like Susie. I also loved Antonia, didn't like Toni but loved Annie as a nn.

joan12 · 24/11/2023 17:57

Oh, less keen on Elise but liked Eliza and Emily. Might work for a middle name?

ChickenBhunaandChips · 24/11/2023 17:59

Love Elise! And I only know one.

Tessa is nice and Susannah is ok.

Middle names I would avoid filler names like Rose/Grace/May as they are the equivalent of Louise in the 80s. All girls have them and it’s so overused.

KirstenBlest · 24/11/2023 18:04

Same as the pp I'd avoid the one-syllable middle names but would extend the list to Rose/Grace/May/Mae/Ray/Joy/Hope/Fay/Anne/Jane/Eve etc

Susannah/Rosanna Tess is ok but watch the initials Smile

theduchessofspork · 24/11/2023 20:43

I like them all except for Elise (although I quite like Elisa)

I love Rosanna but there are so many Rosies, I’d go for Susannah - it’s the least used on your list and it’s such an elegant classic

Shortlistingmum · 26/11/2023 20:35

I love Eliza we can’t use for a first name due to a close friend having it but good idea on having it as a middle name!

OP posts:
WestendVBroadway · 26/11/2023 20:38

I know a Rosanna, they are sometimes known as Ros( pronounced Roz)

tokesqueen · 26/11/2023 20:43

I only like Elise.
I do like Rosa (less frilly than Rosanna).
Catherine as a middle name.

AutumnComfort · 26/11/2023 20:45

Elise if pronounced El-ee-suh / El-ee-sa

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