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Middle name for Hattie/Harriet?

31 replies

Babyontheway24 · 24/11/2023 13:09

We’re expecting our first daughter in February and love the name Hattie / Harriet (can’t decide which yet). Which names could work well with both Hattie and Harriet?

OP posts:
Justonemorecoffeeplease · 24/11/2023 13:11


Theoldwoman · 24/11/2023 13:16

Harriet / Hattie Alice
Harriet / Hattie Zara
Harriet / Hattie Nina

flowertoday · 24/11/2023 13:17

Louise ?

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 24/11/2023 13:25

Go for Harriet and then you have the option to use both.

Sophie /sophia
Anna or Annabel

RyanGoose · 24/11/2023 13:28

Harriet Ethel?

Justcallmebebes · 24/11/2023 13:30

Love the name Harriet. I would pair it with something traditional

FunnysInLaJardin · 24/11/2023 13:31

Hattie was on our list, we also liked Martha and Eliza and so probably would have gone for Hattie Martha

KirstenBlest · 24/11/2023 13:49

Harriet's lovely and Hattie as a diminutive is great.

Any middle name that is fairly classic but isn't a one-syllable filler middle name or a disney-princess name.

Avoid a name that would make the initials a word (e.g. HIT, HIM,HAG, HAM)

thefarrierswife · 24/11/2023 14:24

My Hattie is Harriet Florence on birth certificate. She is always Hattie though. Still love it.

Westwindworries · 24/11/2023 19:32

I know an adult Harriet May, but she was named decades before May became such a popular middle name.

farmfoodsqueen · 24/11/2023 19:33


Princessvelour · 24/11/2023 19:33

Harriet Maeve
Harriet Rosanne
Harriet Jane
Harriet Hermione

Fipfop · 24/11/2023 19:46

We have Harriet Rose. Nickname Ettie

Twattergy · 24/11/2023 19:55


theduchessofspork · 24/11/2023 21:02

Hattie is short for Harriet - I wouldn’t just call her Hattie, it’s too nicknamey

i like family names for middle names, but if you don’t have one you like, I think 2 syllables is best -

Harriet Florence
Harriet Frances
Harriet Margot
Harriet Lucy
Harriet Robin
Harriet Sylvie
Harriet Oona
Harriet Honor

You just want to avoid the May/Rose/Grace cliche

Mumofgirls2017 · 24/11/2023 22:06

Go for Harriet then you have options!

harriet eva
harriet emmeline
harriet alice
Harriet ivy
harriet skye
harriet isla
harriet esme
harriet olive
harriet imogen
harriet rosalie
harriet amelia
harriet olivia
harriet iris
harriet abigail
harriet Eden

OopsieeDaisy · 24/11/2023 22:14

Harriet Mabel
Harriet Florence as a pp said is nice
Harriet Marie

thistimelastweek · 24/11/2023 22:22

Harriet Jane.

Jane is a perfect middle name.

It has strong literary connections.

It's a strong solid monosyllabic.

And I don't know why but J is the best middle initial.

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 24/11/2023 22:44

Harriet (Hattie) Louise (Hattie Lou)
Harriet Josephine (Hattie Jo)
Harriet (Hattie Rose)
Harriet Elizabeth (Hattie Beth)

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 24/11/2023 22:51

OopsieeDaisy · 24/11/2023 22:14

Harriet Mabel
Harriet Florence as a pp said is nice
Harriet Marie

Didn’t think of it myself but Harriet Florence sounds very nice together

Anotheranonymousname · 24/11/2023 22:54

I think Harriet as the first name to give nickname options when she's older. I'd also go for a two syllable middle name that doesn't start with a vowel e.g. Lucy, Mary, Martha, Phoebe, Laura, Rachel.

Goodnessgraciousmee · 24/11/2023 23:20

Oooh, I like Harriet! To me Harriet has a really solid, slightly posh vibe (but not in any kind of bad way). I picture someone well educated who enjoys outdoor pursuits.

I personally think there are two good but different directions to go in with the middle name. I've tried to suggest less expected names just to increase the variety of suggestions you get!

  1. Shorter, traditionally English, matching the tone/associations of Harriet itself but with a different sound-shape:

    Harriet Eve
    Harriet Frances
    Harriet Jean
    Harriet Lucy
    Harriet Audrey

  2. Somewhat wispier, softer, fey and/or from a different cultural etymology (eg Celtic, Cornish, mythology, international etc) that offer more of a contrast to Harriet:

    Harriet Niamh
    Harriet Merryn
    Harriet Anwen
    Harriet Isabeau
    Harriet Seren
    Harriet Aisling
    Harriet Demelza
    Harriet Elise
Legoblockskillfeet · 24/11/2023 23:24

My first thought was that it needed a J name
Harriet Jemima would be lovely

Copperoliverbear · 24/11/2023 23:48


Copperoliverbear · 24/11/2023 23:49

Harriet Louise

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