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Help with my baby girl name!!

22 replies

zzhu · 22/11/2023 23:23

Hello everyone!
We are expecting our second girl in Feb 2024, we are in Australia so she will be a summer baby. Our first daughter is named Annika.

Rosalie has been on my list since my first pregnancy and I like the NN Rosie. But I am unsure if it's a good match next to Annika.
My husband really likes the name Scarlett.
We also quite like Amelie, it's not too common here, I'm just a bit worried about the confusion with Emily or Amelia.
Would love to hear your opinions on these 3 names! Any other suggestions will be appreciated too.

OP posts:
MaloneMeadow · 22/11/2023 23:38

Annika & Amelie are too matchy in my opinion. Not a fan of Rosalie, feels very trendy at the minute and will age quickly. Rosie is a dog name! Scarlett is gorgeous, I’ve always loved it

theduchessofspork · 22/11/2023 23:57

Annika is lovely

I agree with PP Amelie is too matchy. I quite like Scarlet but it’s been a bit overdone here (don’t know about Australia?). Rosalie is a bit twee and a bit gypsy Rose lee for me - how about Rosanna / Rosanagh? but there are a lot of Rosies around

Philippa (Pippa)
Victoria (Vita)

cheleuh · 23/11/2023 00:05

All lovely names. Scarlett would be my pick.

user1492757084 · 23/11/2023 08:45

Annika and Scarlett go very well.
Amelie is sweet but too matchie. Rosalie is okay.
Ideas ..
Scarlett Matilda
Matilda Alice
Victoria Scarlett
Cecilia May (after author of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.)
Skye Indigo

peaceinourtime · 23/11/2023 10:09

Rosalie is so much better then Scarlett.

shoopshoopdedoo · 23/11/2023 10:11

Annika is lovely! I prefer Rosalie from your choices. Amelie is OK but sounds quite similar. Personally, I dislike Scarlett.

FayCarew · 23/11/2023 14:13

Rosalie - not keen, just Rosa or Rosie is nicer. I like Rosanna but it doesn't go with Annika. Rosalind is nice
Scarlett - like
Amelie - looks pretty but Emily sounds much nicer

Scarlett Anything might sound like a description

wited · 23/11/2023 17:47

I'm not a fan of Scarlett and prefer Rosalind to Rosalie

ProvisionsOnTheDock · 23/11/2023 20:37

Rosalie is the nicest. Amelie doesn't really go with Annika.
What about Kirrily? That would go well with Annika.

wafflingworrier · 23/11/2023 20:45

Scarlet is my least favourite of the names, to me it's a colour not a name somehow.
Amelie is nice, very popular in the UK.
Other ideas
Natalie or Nathalia
Lucy or lucinda
Henrietta/ Ettie or hattie for short

ShoesoftheWorld · 23/11/2023 20:57

Not that keen on any of your names, sorry. Rosalie is the best, and I do think it works with Annika, but it's getting very overdone, at least in the UK. Amelie I find quite tired now. And Scarlett jiust isn't nice IMO.

Annika's vaguely Nordic (she's a character in Pippi Longstocking, anyway) so I might go for something else in that style - Astrid, Linnea? Other names I think go well with Annika, without being too similar/matchy, are Natasha, Erin, Beatrice, Sadie, Lucia, Elizabeth.

finalspincycle · 24/11/2023 09:54

I love Amelie.
I don't think it would be a problem with confusing it for Emily or Amelia.

Rosalie is pretty too, and goes well with your other daughter's name.

FayCarew · 24/11/2023 09:59

@finalspincycle , Amelie and Emily, and Amelia and Emilia, are often confused.

dixeypeach · 24/11/2023 10:10

I'm going to say Scarlett because I have one. It's not overused (well it isn't here) but is a well known name. She's the only one in her school (in fact she's been to 3 schools and has been the only Scarlett) and I like that. Amelie would be my 2nd pick

OopsieeDaisy · 24/11/2023 23:00

I love Rosalie, it’s certainly not overused where I live. Scarlett I’m less keen on but I do think it goes quite well with Annika. Not really a fan of Amelie.

Ittastesvile · 25/11/2023 08:28

I really like Annika with Scarlett.
Annika and Rosalie is ok.
I don't like Annika and Amelie. Too matchy and I think Amelie sounds a bit mushy and soft next to Annika. Whereas Annika and Scarlett are both quite hard sounding (which I like).

How about

DesertSnow · 26/11/2023 17:50

I like Rosalie with Annika

Alohapotato · 26/11/2023 20:21

FayCarew · 24/11/2023 09:59

@finalspincycle , Amelie and Emily, and Amelia and Emilia, are often confused.

Amelia and Emilia are the Spanish version of Amelie and Emily. Same names just different language...

Alloveragain3 · 26/11/2023 20:35

Our little girl is Amélie (love this name) but many people call her Emily or Amelia at first. Even my mum!

MuddledMadge · 26/11/2023 20:41

Rosalie is lovely.

Jessbow · 26/11/2023 21:13

I think Freya goes well with Annika

dressedforcomfort · 26/11/2023 22:08

I think Rosalie is great.

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