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Name for baby 6, Help!

30 replies

2boys3girlmum · 12/11/2023 19:14

I'm due my 6th baby at the start of December and we haven't decided on a name.

We haven't found out the sex

We only have Jaxson for a boy but we have 3 lgirls names, they are:


OP posts:
mariamariaaaa · 12/11/2023 19:25

I'm so sorry but if you'd call your boy Jaxson, spelled like that, I think you'd be setting him up for so much judgement from the start...

Molly is really lovely Smile
Lexie I'd spell like this
Madison is very American to me

MaloneMeadow · 12/11/2023 19:40

Love Madison
Lexi is chavvy to me if I’m honest
Molly is alright, a bit boring and overused but not bad

KirstenBlest · 12/11/2023 20:15

Jackson, spelt like that, is not too bad, Jaxson is awful.
Molly is nice. Not keen on Lexi or Madison. Lexie is awful.

theduchessofspork · 12/11/2023 20:17

Molly and Jack are very nice

Please don’t use Jaxson - or at least spell it Jackson. Jaxson really won’t help him in life.

Lexie is much the same - not going to help her in life.

Madison is ok but Madeline is a lot better.

perdot · 12/11/2023 20:20

Jaxson is awful please don't do that
So cheap and chavvy sounding/looking

The girls names are ok ish

inquisitiveinga · 12/11/2023 20:41

Please don't call him Jaxson (for all reasons stated above). The same goes for Lexi... I work in a school, trust me when I say certain names just instantly raise eyebrows.

Molly is okay! I agree with a PP in that Madeline is a beautiful alternative to the less appealing Madison.

Nevertheless, good luck, big hugs and congratulations for the months ahead!

candyflossxox · 12/11/2023 20:48

How annoying are the people commenting judging the name Jaxson. Your choice!!!
She asked for suggestions not comments on her top name choice!

My boy is Vinnie. My top girl name was Bonnie.

KirstenBlest · 12/11/2023 21:00

@candyflossxox , it's the spelling that's the biggest problem with it, and surely it's better to find out before using the name.

dotdotdotdash · 12/11/2023 21:01

What about


oneinamillieon · 12/11/2023 21:39

i like madison, i would rather go with mollie than molly. lexi is a bit.... common?
jackson is a good name but spelling it jaxson is awful.
other ideas for girls are jade, lauren, marianne, aoife, adriana

Jewelspun · 12/11/2023 21:46

What kind of fresh hell is Jaxton?

Jackson is better.

Molly is nice.

Lexi and Madison are awful. Especially Lexi.

Theoldwoman · 12/11/2023 21:49

Depends on the siblings names.

My neighbour grandson is Jaxson. Just wrong imo.

I like Molly from your list, but much prefer Millie (Millicent)

Going to add:


Mumofgirls2017 · 13/11/2023 06:01

Molly by a mile! I’m not crazy about Jackson but would at least use the most common spelling. Other ideas



ChocoChocoLatte · 13/11/2023 17:04

Such pretentious folk on this thread.

I'm not a fan of the Jaxson spelling and prefer Jackson - personal opinion.

Lexie could be short for Alexandra / Alexis etc it is cute and only snobs find it 'chavvy'

I know two. One of the most fabulous woman in her 70s and the other studies law...... just saying.

miniaturepixieonacid · 13/11/2023 17:21

I don't know if you're after opinions or more suggestions so I'll give both:

Jaxson - I like the name. It looks like you've mixed up both spellings though. I've taught Jaxons and Jacksons but never a Jaxson. I'd pick one of the two more established ones, personally.

Molly - I like it. Not the most exciting name in the world but names don't need to be.

Lexi - It's ok but I'd only really consider it as a shortened form of Alexandra.

Madison - I quite like it. Never actually met one despite it being pretty common in the UK as well as the US for a while now.

Other names that give me the same vibe:

Avery, Amber, Aubrey, Addison, Ashley, Abbie, Ava, Brooke, Bonnie, Chloe, Casey, Callie, Darcey, Daisy, Ellie, Everly, Eden, Fallon, Freya, Gracie, Halle, Hadley, Hayley, Holly, Harper, Isla, India, Josie, Jasmine, Kayla, Kayleigh, Kendra, Lily, Lacey, Lola, Luna, Macie, Miley, Mackenzie, Millie, Mia, Nyah, Nevaeh, Olivia, Paige, Piper, Peyton, Paisley, Quinn, Ruby, Rosie, Riley, Savannah, Sienna, Sierra, Sabrina, Shannon, Summer, Tia, Taylor, Willow, Zoe

Ashton, Alfie, Archie, Braxton, Brodie, Cole, Callum, Conor, Carter, Chase, Dexter, Dylan, Evan, Fitch, Harley, Harvey, Hunter, Harrison, Jack, Jake, Joe, Kyle, Kai, Logan, Lewis, Liam, Morgan, Nathan, Oliver, Oscar, Parker, Preston, Quinn, Reuben, Riley, Rhys, Ryan, Rio, Tyler, Tye, Tanner, Tate, Zach

user1492757084 · 13/11/2023 23:35

Jack Xavier
Victor James
Sandford Jack
Mary/Molly Josephine
Madeleine Xena
Alexandra Joy

Mobey78 · 14/11/2023 17:06

I like Molly the best

Daisybuttercup12345 · 14/11/2023 20:51

Jackson. I'd have Jack.
Girls names ok, apart from Lexi.

Rockmehardplace · 14/11/2023 22:11

Jaxson makes my teeth itch, if you have the x you dont need the s. So if you must use Jackson, please spell it Jackson or Jaxon.

I like all of your girls names, would probably go for Madison, as I knew an awesome woman called Maddie once and she was a Madison.

ClairDeLaLune · 15/11/2023 08:45

Please please please don’t call a child Jaxson. It’s terrible. It screams chav (and I hate that word and don’t use it lightly).

Molly is lovely out of your girl names but all 3 are fine.

CherryMyBrandy · 15/11/2023 09:55

I LOVE Madison. Also like Jackson. Definitely NOT Jaxson for reasons already given.

Molly is nice.

Not sure why all the hate for Lexi it's a perfectly normal name. Sometimes spelt with an e at the end but is commonly spelt both ways.

peaceinourtime · 15/11/2023 14:44

I think Jaxson has to be spelt either Jackson or Jaxon. Jaxson just looks wrong and a made up word.

TheDuchessOfMN · 16/11/2023 13:13

I agree about the spelling being wrong. The s is really unnecessary after the x. Jaxon looks better.

Molly is nice.
I’m not a fan of Lexi but like the names it’s a non for.
Madison is okay. Seems quite dated now though

Barleysugar86 · 16/11/2023 13:15

If you want Lexi, call her Alexis on her birth cert, and use it as a nickname. I think this is lovely for a girl.

Justnoidea · 16/11/2023 13:28

I agree with pps.

If you spell Jackson like that it’s fine.
Molly is nice and Lexi too, but I think you should give her a longer name so she has options (Alexis, Alexa, Alexandra).

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