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Edward nicknames?

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pizzanoodle · 31/10/2023 20:34


We're thinking to have our baby boy named Edward. Will he be called a shortened name at nursery / school and what will that be? Eddie? Or Ed? Does he get to pick?

On a separate note, if I called him by the nickname Ned is that crazy? I think in Scottish slang it means hooligans...

OP posts:
ODFOx · 31/10/2023 20:36

are all common diminutives/nicknames for Edward.

eish · 31/10/2023 20:37

Children very much choose their nicknames I think. Of course, he may decide to change it later. My son did this but I particularly chose a name where I liked all the shortened versions.
Ned is a good shortening, Ted could be another option.

littlejo67 · 31/10/2023 20:38


Unexpectedlysinglemum · 31/10/2023 20:48

Eddie is so cute

AnneKipankitoo · 31/10/2023 20:50

Ned in Scotland is non-educated delinquent

Brownhairdontcare · 31/10/2023 20:51

I love Ted/Teddy

FASDE1517 · 31/10/2023 20:54

There are loads. Ed, Eddie, Ned, Ted, Teddy, Woody.

AnneKipankitoo · 31/10/2023 20:55

Bear ?

FarmersWife2019 · 31/10/2023 20:55

My DS is called Edward. He’s too young (nearly 2) to choose his own shortened name but we use Ted, Teddy, Teddy Bear and Eddie.

theduchessofspork · 31/10/2023 22:11

I like Ned, it’s quite popular, and it’s only in Scotland (possibly only in Glasgow?) that it has that meaning.

I also like Eddie. Teddy is a bit tired. There is always Woody which is very sweet.

You get to pick for nursery, just tell them what you call him - later on it’s up to him, obviously.

icewoman · 31/10/2023 22:12

Our Edward has been "Wedge" or "Hedge" since he was a baby

StubbleTurnips · 31/10/2023 22:15

Ours gets Ed / Eddie and Bear, he also named himself Deedee when babbling thinking that was his name. Mainly goes by Bear as he is extremely tall!

BoleynMemories13 · 01/11/2023 12:24

As a teacher I would never shorten a child's name without either parental permission (young child) or the child's permission when they're older.

His nickname can be whatever you want it to be, if you want him to have one. Most Edwards seem to be Ted or Teddy these says but Ed or Eddie are also pretty standard and I have heard Ned before. So if Ned is what you like, go for it.

peaceinourtime · 01/11/2023 12:59

Ned would be refreshing compared to all the tons of Teddy’s .

Nawh · 01/11/2023 13:01

Most of the baby Edwards I know are Teddy. Adult Edward’s I know are Eddie or Ed

Funderthighs · 01/11/2023 13:06

I know two Edward who are Neds. Neither are hooligans. I’d go for Ned.

sandalsinthebin · 01/11/2023 13:20

I didn't know that Woody was a nickname for Edward - learn something new every day

pizzanoodle · 01/11/2023 20:40

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I didn't know either that Woody was a possible nickname. Reminds me of Toy Story!

OP posts:
Highlyflavouredgravy · 01/11/2023 20:42

In America Chip is used as a nickname for Edward

My edward was Teddy as a young child then Ed or Eddie

IamnotwhouthinkIam · 01/11/2023 22:19

Following with interest - I love the name Edward and it was on my own boys list.

But I dislike Ed/Eddie and the older ones I know personally (teens or adults) seem to be shortened to Ed. Never met any that are still "Edward" with their friends😥 .

Haven't met any Ned's personally either - and I do think that's a nicer sounding (medieval) diminutive, not at all crazy! as long as you aren't in Scotland. I have met quite a few Ted/Teddy's now at toddler groups - but I'm not sure if that's their given name or not. Never met any Bear's or Woody's in RL.

Basically, based on my experience OP, I'd say don't use Edward if you aren't keen on "Ed" when he's older. If you like "Ed" too, then go for it!

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