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Caolan for a boy

35 replies

Nov2023 · 25/10/2023 22:29

Any thoughts on Caolan or Caelan for a boy please ? Pronounced Kay-lyn

OP posts:
mauvish · 25/10/2023 22:33

Kay-lyn sounds like a girl's name (or to be precise, two girls' names). And the fact that you're having to tell us how to pronounce it means that any child will be doing the same for the rest of their lives.

mauvish · 25/10/2023 22:34

Plus, kaolin and morphine -

Abouttimemum · 25/10/2023 22:34

It’s a no from me and I though you were talking about your colon when I first glanced.

EspressoMacchiato · 25/10/2023 22:35

Yes if you’re Irish in Ireland, otherwise no.

Whoopsadaisydownagain · 25/10/2023 22:38

Yes unfortunately if I saw it wrote down , I would say it as colon but know it wasn't that a try a mix of that plus Kaolin .

GoodVibesHere · 25/10/2023 22:38

Caolan I would read and pronounce as Kao-lan. Isn't there a skin cream with that name? No I don't like it as a child's name sorry.

Nov2023 · 25/10/2023 22:40

Irish heritage in the UK.. Names are a minefield!

OP posts:
Omma23 · 25/10/2023 22:41

I know someone (male) called Caolan, although he pronounces it “Key-len”. Either way, I like it. But unless you live in Ireland it is one of those names he will be perpetually asked “how do you say/spell that?” With mispronunciation constantly. It’s a nice name though.

HipHipWhoRay · 25/10/2023 22:41

There was a Calan baby thread earlier this week!

MerryMarigold · 25/10/2023 22:48

I know a Caelan, pron Kay-lun. I would say Kayo-lan for your spelling.

Nov2023 · 25/10/2023 22:50

I think Caelan is more instinctive to say but am not fully convinced that it is spelled correctly. That said neither is Caolan as I don't want to use the fada accent!

OP posts:
WanderingAroundintheLark · 25/10/2023 22:50

mauvish · 25/10/2023 22:34

Plus, kaolin and morphine -

This. Oh and colon

ColadhSamh · 25/10/2023 22:51

It should be spelt with a fada Caolán which is then pronounced as Kay- lawn or kwaylawn depending on region.

KirstenBlest · 25/10/2023 22:52

I'd say it as Keelan

ColleenDonaghy · 25/10/2023 22:56

It would need an i for Keelan surely. Caoileann (which I think is a girl's name).

I'm Irish and familiar with the name OP, and would pronounce it as you have written but I have to say I don't love it.

KirstenBlest · 25/10/2023 23:11

"Vowel sounds in Irish include more combined letters to make one simple sound.
“Ai” = “ah” (as in mat)
“Ao” = “e” (as in tree)
“Io” = “ih” (as in mist)
“Ua” = “u” (as in truant)"

MaloneMeadow · 26/10/2023 00:46

It’s a lovely name but unless you’re living in Ireland then I wouldn’t use it - he’ll spend half his life having to spell/pronounce it for people

user1492757084 · 26/10/2023 09:11

How about Cahal or Cormac?
They are handsome and have less confusion in sound.

Redlarge · 26/10/2023 09:11

I read this as colon

Nov2023 · 26/10/2023 10:05

@user1492757084 Cormac is on my list but my husband is less convinced. Likewise with Cathal he pounced it incorrectly. It seems caolan is the only name he likes! He is not Irish and pronounced it correctly though. Also have Cillian, Lorcan, Rory and Tiernan as options. Picking a name has been the hardest part of this pregnancy. It is such a responsibility!

OP posts:
Dotcheck · 26/10/2023 10:07

EspressoMacchiato · 25/10/2023 22:35

Yes if you’re Irish in Ireland, otherwise no.

I could never quite understand this.

Dipsomaniax · 26/10/2023 10:13

I know a few Caolan (variously pronounced Qway lan and keylan)

I always think Wailing Qwaylan but you know every name can be criticised.
If you like it go for it.

DuploTrain · 26/10/2023 10:14

I like Cillian and Rory best from your list.

I like Tiernan as well but I think it would sound quite different in England if the r isn’t pronounced the same.

SunnyFog · 26/10/2023 22:21

Love Caolán and Faolán and Whelan. Did read it as Carolan though (wrong glasses).

DramaAlpaca · 26/10/2023 23:41

My friend (in Ireland) has a Caolan pronounced KEE-lun. He goes by Cal, which I really like.

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