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If I like….

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kaceylena · 17/10/2023 15:37

I love the name Lucia, but more so as a nickname, I’d want something fuller for the birth cert however we don’t like Lucy or Lucille though so unsure of what else could be used. We also like Mia but think it may be too common. We have a Madelyn & a Violet already. Any suggestions of longer names or similar style names welcome!

OP posts:
tennaeine · 17/10/2023 15:39


Labradoodlie · 17/10/2023 15:40

I quite like Lucinda.

But if you like Lucia just use that! No one is going to think it lacks a long version.

chittyshittybangbang · 17/10/2023 15:41

Alucia? (Pronounced aloo-sha)

whatisthemime · 17/10/2023 15:52

Lucia is a standalone name. It's not a nickname, so just use that if you love it.

Lucia and Mia both end -ia, so perhaps you'll like:

Thalia / Talia
Cordelia / Delia

LadyMonicaBaddingham · 17/10/2023 15:54

Labradoodlie · 17/10/2023 15:40

I quite like Lucinda.

But if you like Lucia just use that! No one is going to think it lacks a long version.

Lucinda is lovely and matches well with the names of your other DDs

Labradoodlie · 17/10/2023 16:12

Thinking about this… any long version might be more naturally shortened to Lucy. That’s the case with the Lucinda I know, who has been Lucy to everyone since school.

miniaturepixieonacid · 17/10/2023 16:55

I think Lucia is a full name rather than a nickname but agree that you could use Lucinda. Analucia is pretty but I would only use this is you are from a Spanish, Portuguese or Italian speaking country, I think.

Other names that I think have the same vibe as Lucia and work well with Madelyn and Violet are:

Ariadne, Aurelia, Anastasia, Bianca, Cassia, Clarissa, Cassandra, Cecilia, Claudia, Camilla, Delilah, Elianna, Evangeline, Francesca, Giselle, Helena, Isabella, Imogen, Julia, Jacinta, Katrina, Lydia, Larissa, Miranda, Marianne, Natalia, Nadia, Ophelia, Priscilla, Ramona, Susannah, Saskia, Tabitha, Tamara, Vanessa

KayEmAy · 17/10/2023 17:04

Luciana, Lucelia


Maybe a first/middle name combo for a nickname? Something like -

Luella Chelsea
Luna Shay
Lucine Sienna

depending on how you pronounce it

Mumofgirls2017 · 17/10/2023 21:52

Personally I think Lucia is great without a longer form.

madelyn, violet and


user1492757084 · 18/10/2023 04:39

Just go with Lucia.

FayCarew · 18/10/2023 11:35

Lucia is a complete name in itself. You could have Luciana but why bother.

TheGooseDrankWine · 18/10/2023 11:42

Which pronunciation would you use?
Spanish (LooSeeA)
Italian (LooCheeA)
or Loosha (as in St Lucia, I know a Lucia who uses this who is Spanish, I think)

belfastbelle78 · 18/10/2023 14:14

Lucia is lovely in itself, why not just go with it? Elegant and classy, definitely not a nickname though. There are quite a few Lucias in DD’s school, all a full name

OopsieeDaisy · 18/10/2023 14:19

Lucia is lovely as a stand-alone name, I think it would seem a bit odd as a shortened version of something else!

TotalOverhaul · 18/10/2023 14:39

Luciana is nice. It's used in Shakespeare. But Lucia is gorgeous as a name in its own right.

GroanWoman · 18/10/2023 14:56

Lucia is a full, proper name, and very lovely.
Just go with that!

theduchessofspork · 21/10/2023 13:44

Lucia is definitely not a nickname

It’s been a full name for centuries

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