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Baby middle name Gray

21 replies

Appleorchard123 · 16/10/2023 11:41

Bear with me!

I am pregnant with DC3 & we have a girls name (and middle name) chosen that we love and now looking for a boys name.

We both love Rafferty as first name (nn Raff, Raffy) - I think this might be a bit of a marmite name? But we love it!

What do you think of Gray as a middle name? Graham is a family name and we would like to include this in some way without actually using Graham! We have a 2 syllable simple surname

So Rafferty Gray - nice and a bit unusual or awful?!

OP posts:
doeandfawn · 16/10/2023 11:42

Love Gray as a middle name but not sure about it with Rafferty; think it’s the -y -y maybe. If you love it then go for it!

BoohooWoohoo · 16/10/2023 11:42

It's not good if your surname is a colour like Green but otherwise I like it.

KitKatKathy · 16/10/2023 11:44

I would worry it would become "Rafferty Gay" before Year 5.

TealTeaTowel · 16/10/2023 11:46

It’s ok but Gray is a boring colour so it puts me off, although middle names are hardly used anyway so I doubt many would know it 🤷🏻‍♀️

Talipesmum · 16/10/2023 11:47

I really like it. It has a rhythm like you’re imitating a steam train going along “rafferty-gray, rafferty-gray” but that’s not a negative - I like names with rhythm.

Jelllytot · 16/10/2023 11:48

I like it, I think it sounds nice :)

Brodpit · 16/10/2023 11:48

I love both names. Go for it!

MainlyOnThePlain · 16/10/2023 11:48

I'd go with Graham. It's a family surname for me too and I think it's due a comeback, along with those other Scottish surnames like Douglas, Murray, etc.

zozueme · 16/10/2023 11:48

I like it. But I think Graham would be fine for a middle name too.

TrustPenguins · 16/10/2023 11:49

I love Gray / Grayson / Graham!

Findyourneutralspace · 16/10/2023 11:49

I like the rhythm of it - Rafferty Gray rolls off the tongue beautifully.

Appleorchard123 · 16/10/2023 13:23

Thanks so much everyone!

OP posts:
MargotBamborough · 16/10/2023 19:51

Graham is much nicer than Gray.

Torganer · 16/10/2023 19:56

KitKatKathy · 16/10/2023 11:44

I would worry it would become "Rafferty Gay" before Year 5.

Why would you be worried?

theduchessofspork · 16/10/2023 22:11

I think Rafferty is fine, but both it and Gray are very Primrose Hill set c 2005.. I think too much together.

Theoldwoman · 16/10/2023 22:44

Rafferty Gray is fine.


Ayrton Gray
Rupert Gray
Cosmo Gray
Torin Gray
Quentin Gray
Rufus Gray
Owen Gray

user1492757084 · 18/10/2023 04:47

Rafferty Gray sounds handsome and is reminding me of grey race horses, which I love to see win.

fearfuloffluff · 18/10/2023 04:58

I think Gray is awful, sorry

It's the American spelling of a bland colour

RedRobin100 · 18/10/2023 05:01

Yes I like it

VenusClapTrap · 18/10/2023 13:17

I like Gray. Rafferty not so much.

Daisybuttercup12345 · 19/10/2023 23:37

Graham is much nicer than Gray.
Gray is also an anagram of Gary.

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