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Boy and girl name opinions?

21 replies

Saucepan7 · 13/10/2023 08:09

Thinking of:



Thoughts welcome? 👀

OP posts:
Saucepan7 · 13/10/2023 08:58

My second choice girl name is Julia

OP posts:
MargotBamborough · 13/10/2023 09:14

Really like Luke.

Cara is nice but I prefer Julia.

OopsieeDaisy · 13/10/2023 09:36

Love Cara! Don’t like Julia at all, it’s a very mumsy name to me.
Luke is fine, a little boring but nothing wrong with it.

SaracensMavericks · 13/10/2023 09:37

Love all three of these. Tara is lovely too.

Saucepan7 · 13/10/2023 11:19

@OopsieeDaisy yeah I can see how Julia might be seen as mumsy. The ones I know are around 40 years old.

@SaracensMavericks Tara is nice too!

OP posts:
Mumofgirls2017 · 13/10/2023 11:40

Both fine! Prefer Clara to Cara though but personal taste.

user1492757084 · 14/10/2023 04:10

I love them all. Cara, Julia and Luke - in that order.
Do you like Carla?

CurlewKate · 14/10/2023 04:50

I like Luke. I don't like Cara because I don't like endearments as names.

Clare? Juno? Helen?

Pemba · 14/10/2023 06:02

I love Julia, it's so classic and relatively unusual. Do you like Juliet too? Cara is fine, but did you consider Clara?

Quite like Luke.

Ilikeyourdecor · 14/10/2023 07:52

Nice. I like Julia and Carla more than Cara personally.

Saucepan7 · 14/10/2023 09:33

@Pemba so written down, I prefer Clara. But, my accent butchers it. I'm Scottish and the CL sounds so clunky and hoarse almost as though I'm about the bring up some phlegm 🫣

When English people say it, I think it sounds lovely though 😆

Carla would be really unusual I think for this time. Yeah, I quite like that.

Again, find Juliet hard to say!

Yeah, Julia sounds very elegant to my ears but then I think is it a bit like Linda still? You know, nice sounding but of a certain time.

OP posts:
Saucepan7 · 14/10/2023 09:33

Thoughts on Carly? 👀

OP posts:
SaracensMavericks · 14/10/2023 09:34

Oh I love Carly!

Ardagusdubh · 14/10/2023 09:48

Love both names! If I’d had a second girl, she would’ve been called Cara. It’s Irish for friend ❤️

theduchessofspork · 14/10/2023 10:04

I like Luke - there are a ton of Lucases and Lucas around at the moment though, if that bothers you.

Julia is most certainly not mumsy! It’s an elegant classic, and it’s on the rise (along with Juliet) at the moment.

Cara is nice, but quite insubstantial compared to Julia.

Definitely not Carla or Carly, they are definitely low rent and 50/60s in a bad way, like Linda. (Italians called Carla is are a different matter.)

MargotBamborough · 14/10/2023 10:05

I actually think Julia is a lot more timeless than Cara, Carla or Carly.

It's popular in a lot of European countries right now. I know a few babies and toddlers called Julia.

Pemba · 14/10/2023 10:15

Erm, Julia is nothing like Linda! Grin

Saucepan7 · 14/10/2023 16:12

Hmm yeah I like Julia, but I feel Cara is more of a 'could be anyone' name. What if DD is not elegant like a Julia (or Linda, just kidding, think I'm on my own with that one 😆)

Okay Carly and Carla are out.

Is Cara 'low rent' this concerns me a bit? I'm looking for classless. I see Luke as classless. Also see the name Zoe as classless.

OP posts:
Bumblebee1988 · 14/10/2023 22:39

I actually quite like Juliet and think it works as a baby, toddler and adult name. I also like Megan, Tabitha and Rosemary.

Daisybuttercup12345 · 18/10/2023 23:51

Love Carly and Carla, also Caroline.
Julia is lovely. Luke is a fine name.

girlgonenorth · 18/10/2023 23:57

If you’re scottish, why not Caragh

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