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Thoughts on boy and girl shortlist?

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Namesense · 20/09/2023 10:16

For a boy, we have

Brodie (we are in Scotland, where this is more popular).

Middle name would be John

Girls, we have:


Middle name undecided.

Would be great to hear your thoughts!

OP posts:
Zola1 · 20/09/2023 10:17

I love Zachary or Louisa

mumtotwox · 20/09/2023 10:19

I love Brodie! My good friend has a son called this and he is adorable 😊

fancyfrogs · 20/09/2023 10:20

I love Brodie and Penny 😊

VeridicalVagabond · 20/09/2023 10:20

I really like Brodie. All your boys names are nice though!

Vaila - is that pronounced Vay-la? I like it, if so. Very pretty. Is that Scottish too?

mosiacmaker · 20/09/2023 10:21

Zachary my fav boy name. Luke John would be a bit biblical for my tastes.

if you like Penny you should call her Penelope rather than the nn of it? Vaila cool and unique but showing up as a spelling error on my phone?

Namesense · 20/09/2023 10:26

Yes @VeridicalVagabond it's pronounced Vay-la and is Scottish :)

OP posts:
twinmum2022 · 20/09/2023 10:27

Love Brodie and Penny 😊

muddlingthrou · 20/09/2023 10:31

Vaila is new to me and I think it's gorgeous! Especially in a Scottish accent. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival ☺️

Berlinlover · 20/09/2023 10:36

I love Brodie and Louisa.

VeridicalVagabond · 20/09/2023 10:38

Definitely Brodie and Vaila then, such lovely names.

Phos · 20/09/2023 10:42

Luke is my all time favourite boy name so I love seeing this.
Zachary is also in my top 10.
I've never really thought abut Brodie but it's nice, not sure if I find it a little feminine with the "ie" at the end.
I don't care for Nathan - doesn't help that my DH always says it in an exaggerated Aussie accent, no idea why, maybe its a rugby player or something.

Of the girl names I only really like Julia. Louisa is ok. I don't like Penny, it seems insubstantial and I've never seen Vaila before as a name.

That said, Luke and Julia don't quite sound right together so if I were thinking of future proofing for potential siblings I'd choose Brodie to go with Louisa or Julia.

MariePaperRoses · 20/09/2023 10:42

Brodie - lovely.
Luke -lovely.
Nathan - ok
Zachary - ok

Middle name would be John

Girls, we have:

Julia - no
Vaila - a big no
Penny - lovely
Louisa - lovely as is Louise

cptartapp · 20/09/2023 11:04

Luke by a mile. I have one. Also like Zachary.
Louisa by a mile too. With Catherine as a middle name.
Don't like the others.

MerryChristmasToYou · 20/09/2023 11:13

Brodie - I'm not scottish but I'm not keen
Luke - fine
Nathan - not a favourite but it's ok
Zachary - I like Zac
Middle name would be John - great, prefer it to the 1st names

Julia - fine
Vaila - It's a bit Layla/Ava. Might not go with every surname. (e.g. Vaila York)
Penny - ok
Louisa - fine

Middle name undecided.

Mumofgirls2017 · 20/09/2023 11:30

I like Zachary john

penny if short for Penelope my facourite

otherwise Louisa and Julia quite nice and classic

VenusClapTrap · 20/09/2023 13:30

I like John and Julia

HeyYouWithTheSadFace · 20/09/2023 16:35

I like Vaila, it's different!

I have a daughter called Brodie so I am a fan! Also in Scotland. I've become very aware of a zillion dogs called Brodie since my daughter was born.

17caterpillars1mouse · 20/09/2023 16:52

Brodie (we are in Scotland, where this is more popular). - i like Brody but would spell it this way as the Brodie I know is a girl

Luke - it's OK. I prefer Lucas and Luca
Nathan - not a fan, though I do like Nathaniel
Zachary - love it

Julia - its very popular ar my dds school (3 in dd2s class) several more in the school

Vaila - not a fan
Penny - I like Penny
Louisa - very pretty

KayEmAy · 20/09/2023 17:10

Brodie - I like it alright
Luke - I love it! This is my favorite on your list!
Nathan - Also a like, just not love
Zachary - nothing wrong with it, it just sounds outdated to me

Julia - beautiful
Vaila - I have never heard this but I really like it! My favorite on your list, though it reminds me of a name I love even more, Veda/Vada (vay-da)
Penny - like it more on it's own than attached to Penelope, but still just a like for me
Louisa - not a fan

mn ideas:

Julia Skye
Julia John nn JJ

Vaila Rowan
Vaila Grace

Penny Vaila
Penny Harper

Louisa Blair

wildcards -
Jaime Lavender
Meg Madalyn

Logan John
Neil John

Kam610 · 20/09/2023 18:00

I love Zachary and Vaila out of your list. Louisa is nice too, I considered Lucia for my DD but settled on something else. I'm Scottish and didn't know Vaila was a Scottish name, but I love it!

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 21/09/2023 07:11

I like Luke but I don’t think it goes so well with John as they are both short and bit too bible. Could you add another middle name between them?

zachary and Nathan are also nice but prefer Luke.

not that keen on any of the girls names. Penny is probably the best.

user1492757084 · 21/09/2023 07:12

Vaila is gorgeous.
I also like Julia and Louisa though not as much.

Vaila Louisa
Vaila Catriona
Vaila Elizabeth
Vaila Wren
Vaila Margaret

John is perfect ..

John Stirling
John Argyll
John Zachary
Luke Zachary
Zachary John

ChildrenOfTheQuorn · 21/09/2023 11:18

Nathaniel and Penelope. With Nathan and Penny as nn.

Daisybuttercup12345 · 24/09/2023 00:46

Julia and Zachary.

Its5656 · 24/09/2023 00:48

I Julia and Nathan:)

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