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Eddie, Ollie or Jack

9 replies

Squashie · 07/09/2023 14:05

Which is your favourite? Middle name will be Thomas and a 2 syllable surname. Sibling is Alice.
Thanks 🙂

OP posts:
neverenoughwine · 07/09/2023 14:24

Ollie, I prefer.

Cowlover89 · 07/09/2023 14:30


LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 08/09/2023 06:03

I like Ollie (will it just be Ollie or Oliver?)

PurBal · 08/09/2023 06:08

Jack. Or Eddie if Edward will be the full name.

Squashie · 08/09/2023 09:18

It would be Oliver or Edward as the full
name but mainly to be called by the nickname

OP posts:
NotFastButFurious · 08/09/2023 09:21

I think Alice and Jack works best although I don't think Jack Thomas flows too well.
You could end up with Ali and Ollie which is a bit similar.

WanderingWitches · 08/09/2023 09:25

Jack out of those choices

Squashie · 08/09/2023 09:26

That’s my main concern about Ollie

OP posts:
Theoldwoman · 08/09/2023 13:46


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