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RichPetunia · 07/09/2023 07:15

I really like browsing through the baby names and giving my tuppence worth regarding which name I like best. But wouldn't it be great if after baby was born the mum came back to say what they'd gone with in the end? It would be great to find out😄.

OP posts:
SneezyEvie · 07/09/2023 07:32

I agree. It would be fun if we could collect little stars if our suggestion gets chosen and earn badges like ‘name expert’.

neverenoughwine · 07/09/2023 10:34

Haha! Actually agree.

It's been years since my babies were born (now 19 and 14) and I actually cringe at some of the names ex DP wanted.

I'm glad I went with what I did.

I'm now in the early days of being pregnant again and wondering how mine and DP's choices would be viewed

My DC's are

Georgia Mae (Mae after a grandparent unusually spelt that way!)

Gabriel Henry

Oliver 🌈 baby born at 20 weeks (named after amazing registrar)

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