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A baby called Shithead.

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Megglevache · 02/03/2008 20:39

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
PeatBog · 02/03/2008 21:16

'sokay, cos my head is exotic shit

mollymawk · 02/03/2008 21:17

Ah now, Shitheadra - that's lovely

scottishmummy · 02/03/2008 21:18

in scotland the registrar can refuse to registre a name if it's unsuitable/contentious/offensive

Aero · 02/03/2008 21:59

I know of people called Fahte (pronounced Fah tee) and Fatlinda pronounced as it looks. I think in their own culture, these names are perfectly acceptable, but to English speaking people outside of their culture, they sound odd and people wonder why the parents give their children such names because of the suggested meaning in English.

bookwormmum · 02/03/2008 22:03

Surely Shitar*e would be more appropriate for a newborn baby?

kateri · 03/03/2008 18:00

This is akin to the other possible-urbal-legend name, Asshole, pron. Ash-OH-lay.

beeper · 03/03/2008 21:00


laughinglil · 04/03/2008 11:45

lol.. my sister when to school with a boy called ACKU FUCKU ... lol

ernest · 04/03/2008 11:59

I went to school with a (Malasian) girl called Bic. We found out later she had the initials PB. On much interogation, she told us her full name was Pu Bic. We thought it was hilarious her name was 'poo'. didn't dawn on any of us innocents that together it spelt 'pubic'. Poor girl.

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