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sunriseoversea · 21/08/2023 17:57

Baby boy is due in two weeks and DH and I are still struggling for a name!

My favourite is Alex. His favourite is Joe. We both quite like Tom. In all cases these would be the name on the BC (not Alexander, Joseph or Thomas).

Is Tom dated? Or is it common? Is it a bit plain? Or is it cool? I just don't know! Any insight much appreciated. Thank you :)

OP posts:
Neverseenbefore · 21/08/2023 18:02

Tom is fine. I don’t know any young ones or teens or even 20s ones. The others are fine too.

But I’d use the longer form on the bc, whichever one you choose.

VenusClapTrap · 21/08/2023 18:31

I like Tom. I don’t think you need a fuller version. Childish shortenings like Alfie, Archie or Teddy definitely do need a more serious name, but names like Alex, Tom and Joe are fine.

Kaceeee · 21/08/2023 18:43

Absolutely love it!

peanutcrumble · 21/08/2023 18:51

My husband is Tom (Thomas) it's not my taste. He wanted to call our last child after him if it was a boy and I remember saying to my mum " I ain't going through 9 months of torturous sciatica to call it Tom" 🤦🏻‍♀️ turns out it was a girl anyway 😅

KirstenBlest · 21/08/2023 18:52

Tom is fine. I know a Tom who is just Tom and an Alex who is just Alex.
The parents of Alex wish they'd put Alexander on the BC so he could choose to be Xander if he liked.

itsmyp4rty · 21/08/2023 18:52

Yes like it, know several who are teens (but probably Thomas's)

StaffShortages · 21/08/2023 18:54

Tom is great.

YouHoooo · 21/08/2023 18:54

I really like Tom, and I agree just Tom is fine.

It’s a classic which will never date, but as it’s not currently fashionable it won’t seem faddy, either.

Everyone knows it, but there won’t be several in a class.

So basically perfect

43ontherocksporfavor · 21/08/2023 18:58

Tom is lovely . Have only known 2 in the last 14 years in primary school. I would consider using Thomas on the bc so that he has the choice in future.

SaulsShitCar · 21/08/2023 18:58

Love it! It's my cat's name.

AperfectMess · 21/08/2023 19:01

I like Tom or Alex a lot. I'd put Thomas or Alexander on the birth certificate though. I also like Joseph and "Joey."

Whatsthepoint1234 · 21/08/2023 19:01

My ds is Tom - just Tom not Thomas. It’s a great name (in my opinion) and easy to learn to spell!

Whatsthepoint1234 · 21/08/2023 19:02

Ive never seen the point of putting a name on a birth certificate if you are never gonna use it!

Whatsthepoint1234 · 21/08/2023 19:03

My Tom is primary age but I know another ‘just Tom’ in his 20’s.

AperfectMess · 21/08/2023 19:04

@Whatsthepoint1234 · Today 19:02
Ive never seen the point of putting a name on a birth certificate if you are never gonna use it.

I think the point is that the child gets alittle more choice when they're older.

sunriseoversea · 21/08/2023 19:04

@Whatsthepoint1234 That's what I think, too.

OP posts:
Beersinshropshire · 21/08/2023 19:06

I love Tom!

pastypants · 21/08/2023 19:06

I know an 8 year old Tom and a 5 year old Thom. Nice little boys name without needing to be a Thomas.

ElfNotOnHerShelf · 21/08/2023 19:08

Lovely, succinct, classic

NoUseForAName · 21/08/2023 19:08

I have a Thomas - Tommy/Tom he's 11

PurBal · 21/08/2023 19:09

I know an Alex, a Joe and a Tom all under 3. Solid names and not dated.

IWant2bBetter · 21/08/2023 19:09

Not dated in the slightest!! Classics don't date 👍

RibertRobertRibert · 21/08/2023 19:11

Nice choice. I like it.

KirstenBlest · 21/08/2023 19:12

@Whatsthepoint1234 , it can be a PITA when people assume that your name is the full version. Not such a huge deal if you're Tom not Thomas, but is if you are just Tina, Mandy or Tony because of the different initial.

EconomyClassRockstar · 21/08/2023 19:14

I love Tom. It’s a proper classic that suits over all the ages.

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