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wishfuldair · 19/08/2023 22:03

I love the name Roseanna, but it's actually spent Rosanna, isn't it? I personally really don't like that spelling and in my mind, changes the whole name. I realise most won't think that way, but it's just how I feel.

What are your opinions on Roseanna? I'm finding it impossible to find a name I love and my heart always comes back to this, but don't think I'd be happy with it as Rosanna.

OP posts:
VeryUninspired · 19/08/2023 22:15

Very pretty, immediately makes me think of the Toto song.

flyawaypaul · 19/08/2023 22:18

Fine, nice.

RitzyMcFitzy · 19/08/2023 22:18

I started singing the Toto song too. 'meet you allll the way'

I can't see any major issues with your spelling it Roseanna.

UndercoverCop · 19/08/2023 22:20

I knew a Roseanne , with the e in the middle, I don't see a problem with your spelling of Roseanna

SirSamVimesCityWatch · 19/08/2023 22:30

Roseanna just looks like it's spelt wrong. Sorry. I would wonder if you meant it to be pronounced "Rosie-anna".

Ellmau · 19/08/2023 22:31

It's the older form, I think. Perfectly acceptable.

wishfuldair · 19/08/2023 22:36


Yes! Roseanne is the usual spelling, so I ever understood why Rosanna lost the e! I'm glad most seem to think the Roseanna spelling would be okay though, I really love it like that and would definitely settle for it as her name I think

OP posts:
MeinKraft · 19/08/2023 22:36

It's beautiful, the spelling is fine!

DramaAlpaca · 19/08/2023 23:13

I adore Rosanna, but I don't think it looks quite right spelled Roseanna. I don't think that's a reason not to use it though, the spelling doesn't change the pronunciation as it does with some other names.

BerylWiddicombe · 19/08/2023 23:26

I've met people with both spellings. Both in their 30s, nice women. I think it's fine!

Do agree Roseanne is more comfortably correct and I'd want to double check Roseanna but then I'd learn and it would be fine!

AdoraLovesCake · 20/08/2023 09:27

I really like Roseanna!

StillWantingADog · 20/08/2023 09:30

SirSamVimesCityWatch · 19/08/2023 22:30

Roseanna just looks like it's spelt wrong. Sorry. I would wonder if you meant it to be pronounced "Rosie-anna".

Same here
Rosanna is lovely

KirstenBlest · 20/08/2023 10:15

I'd say Rosanna as Roz-anna and Roseanna as Rose-anna

backwardsxylophone · 20/08/2023 10:24

Rosanna or nothing.
Roseanna isn't right, Rose-Anna would be more accurate than Roseanna.

mydadmovedtomoscow · 20/08/2023 10:25

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wishfuldair · 20/08/2023 10:28

I wouldn't say it's inaccurate? Roseanne is the usual name/spelling. I actually think Roseanna is more accurate than Rosanna, but Rosanna is just known as the name now

OP posts:
LinocutLouise · 20/08/2023 10:31

Beautiful name! I would opt for Rosanna.
The name Rosanna is the combination of Rosa and Anna.

wishfuldair · 20/08/2023 10:33

Ah! Being a mix of Rosa and Anna makes a lot of sense when it's spelt Rosanna... ooo, that's certainly almost changed my view on it!

OP posts:
continentallentil · 20/08/2023 11:42

It’s a lovely name, but she will be forever spelling it if you don’t use Rosanna - so I would.

I know a Rosanagh - which is a pretend Scottish version of the name. She sincerely wishes her parents had used Rosanna

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