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Baby names

2 questions if thats ok?

22 replies

kgirl · 28/02/2008 21:24

What do u ladies think of Lucian for a boy both myself and dh love it but my in laws and sil have voised their opinion and hate it! My parents like it and it was actually my grandfather who suggested it.

Now the 2nd one is what middle name goes with Lucian? We want something abit different and keep vetoing each others names!

Any sugestions would be greatly received.

OP posts:

rosealbie · 28/02/2008 21:26

I love the name, and my favourite artist is Lucian Frued!

At the moment though, I can't think of a name to go with it.


rosealbie · 28/02/2008 21:26



fingerwoman · 28/02/2008 21:26

I like it. and it doesn't matter a jot what other people think. It's your baby and you get to choose a name you love.


SoupDragon · 28/02/2008 21:28

I don't like it but it's not for my child is it?

James goes with pretty much everything but I guess it's not very different - although I'd go for a "classic" name as Lucian is different.


Theresa · 28/02/2008 21:30

Not sure! The nutty one in the LiverBirds had a brother called Lucian (played by Michael Angelis) He kept loads of rabbits and was a bit of a hippy type and had a big coat made of rabbit fur so mayb e thats clouding my judgement!
To be quite honmest I'm sitting here thinking about it before i press 'post' and i think its growing on me!


gemmummy · 28/02/2008 21:30

william. i think lucian william sounds lovely.


Tickle · 28/02/2008 21:30

Love it. Would suggest a fairly 'mainstream' middle name that ds could use if he doesn't like the first one. eg Lucian James would roll nicely (depending on your surname of course).

Think about the initials too! eg if your last name is Davidson, then he doesn't necessarily want to go thru life as LSD


MrsMattie · 28/02/2008 21:31

Don't like Lucian at all. Sorry.


LynetteScavo · 28/02/2008 21:33

I do like the name Lucian, but I think it could suit only some people, so I think you should wait untill your baby is born, and see if it suits him.

What is your grandfathers name?

Lucian - grnadfathers name - ?

Lucian Alexander?
Lucian Boris?


mazzystar · 28/02/2008 21:34

I love it
but agree that its quite boho, and so I'd go for a fairly mainstream middle option to give the lad more options


hatrick · 28/02/2008 21:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DloeufyDoo · 28/02/2008 21:34

Love it.Don't know what your surname is.James is nice for mid name.Christopher? Andrew?David?Daniel?Eliot?


BigBadMouse · 28/02/2008 21:37

I love the name Lucien. I would agree that you should chose a very common middle name just in case he doesn't like his more unusual first name. I know two Luciens though (one teenage, one 37) and they both like their name.

Lucien James does sound good (LJ) or Lucien Michael?

One of my DDs is Luthien but that is a different story.


hatrick · 28/02/2008 21:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

kgirl · 28/02/2008 21:48

Thank you for all your sugestions, I like willam very much. Neither myself or dh are L's so thats not a problem.

OP posts:

CantSleepWontSleep · 28/02/2008 21:54

Is your grandfather an ER fan?!


kgirl · 28/02/2008 21:57

That should be william. I also like James

OP posts:

kgirl · 28/02/2008 22:04

CantSleepWontSleep - No he's never heard of ER let alone watched it! He just came up with it. But I am a huge fan and of the film Underworld!

OP posts:

CantSleepWontSleep · 28/02/2008 22:19

Oh I don't know Underworld (except as the knicker factory in Corrie!), but do watch ER, and it's the only place I've ever heard the name Lucian. It is lovely, and certainly unusual.

Best not to tell family your chosen names ahead of time IMO. It has to be your and dh's decision, and no-one else's.


kateri · 28/02/2008 23:49

I love the name Lucian, I just worry that he'd be Lucy for short!


3andnomore · 29/02/2008 14:34

I like the sound of the name, but Lucian...might be a bit damion/devil child....! But it's still a cool nmae, I think!

hm...middlename...George would go nicely


MaryAnnSingleton · 29/02/2008 14:36

Lucian is really nice - did make me thin k of Lucin Freud- is nice spelled with an 'e'
Lucien George
Lucien David
Lucien James - actually,goes pretty well with lots of names

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