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Kiwiburgh · 12/08/2023 20:04

We have finally agreed on two names for baby boy!
Grant or Findlay
Ds1 has a scottish/ celtic name.
Having such a hard time deciding on a name this time round. I work in a men's prison so as you can imagine this rules out lots of names 🙈
Thanks 😁

OP posts:
PurpleChrayne · 12/08/2023 20:10

Anything but Grant! Sounds like grunt.

Findlay is nice but I would dispense with the d.

Poorlilthing · 12/08/2023 20:12

Findlay looks incorrectly spelt and is somehow a clunky name

Grant is simply too closely aligned to eastenders for me

is there a third option?

Kiwiburgh · 12/08/2023 20:16

Thanks guys, I'm from Scotland but live in Newzealand.
The Findlay spelling is more of a scottish spelling but people in Nz might then also have a problem pronouncing it.

@Poorlilthing Haaa, I've never seen Eastenders so that reference falls flat there.
I like Grant for adults/ teens but I do have difficulty trying to have a baby Grant lol.

We also had Nathan as a 3rd and Fraser as a 4th.

OP posts:
shoopshoopdedoo · 12/08/2023 20:19

I don’t like Grant and am not particularly keen on Findlay. I like Nathan and love your 4th choice of Fraser!

SkatieKatie · 12/08/2023 20:20

I have a Finn

We were going to go for Findlay (family spelling) but decided on Finn

Kam610 · 12/08/2023 20:22

I like Findlay, but agree I'd probably take out the 'd'. I'd you like Scottish names then what about Fraser/Frazer, Ruaridh, Harris, Arran, Struan, Lachlan

Poorlilthing · 12/08/2023 20:25

Hands down Fraser

cptartapp · 12/08/2023 20:26


Coronationstation · 12/08/2023 21:04

Findlay Grant surname

Monday55 · 12/08/2023 21:07

I'd go for Finley.
Is the 'd' in findlay silent ?

GoodVibesHere · 12/08/2023 21:12

I really dislike Grant. To my ear, it's a rough sound, plus I picture a thuggish nightclub bouncer.

I love Fraser.

NorthernGoldie · 12/08/2023 21:22

Fraser is my favourite ever boys name. It was my younger brothers name, he sadly died three years ago. I used it for my baby boy’s middle name so am definitely biased.

Boys names are hard but all your choices are lovely. I think from your top two I would pick Findlay!

Good luck 🍀

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 12/08/2023 21:30

Nathan and Fraser are both nice as is Finlay (but not Findlay).
Grant is terrible

LadyGAgain · 12/08/2023 21:37

Fraser is my favourite of your list.
Nathan sounds wet but I like Nate.
Finlay is lovely but drop the 'd'
Grant is just awful. Too close to grunt and gives me images of pigs. Always has (I went to infant school with a boy called Grant, That was over 30 years ago!

Busubaba · 12/08/2023 21:38

Grant is horrible.

Finley or Finn is lovely.

arlequin · 12/08/2023 22:51


Not Grant

User6761 · 12/08/2023 22:56

In contrast to PPs I love the Findlay spelling, to me it looks the 'correct' spelling (I am Scottish).

Also really like Fraser and Nathan. Not so keen on Grant.

In terms of other Scottish boys names, I like Struan, Euan, Gregor, Ross, Ruairidh...and many more!

continentallentil · 12/08/2023 22:57

Findlay is nice

Grant is thuggish (probably is because of Mitchell but there you are)

Babybelles · 12/08/2023 22:59

Findlay nickname Finn 100%. Im in Scotland and it seems the Findlay spelling used to be more
popular (still love it) but I’m seeing so many Finley’s now

Babybelles · 12/08/2023 23:02

Bear in mind the vast majority of posters on here are basing their norms around names in England rather than Scotland and it seems there is a massive difference. I posted a list of names (most I know multiple children with the name in Scotland) and people commented such horrible
things saying they were boys names (it was a girls list) or saying had I made them up etc. The Scotland baby names website shows all
the statistics for last year and you can search on the interactive list about different spellings and stuff to get a true representation of each name rather than what someone in England thinks!

LizzieBet14 · 12/08/2023 23:08

Fraser ❤️

Leapintothelightning · 12/08/2023 23:18

I like Findlay but prefer the Finlay spelling.
I also love Fraser! What about Angus or Fergus?


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uncomfortablydumb53 · 12/08/2023 23:32

I'd choose Finlay spelling personally
Fraser is lovely

Daisybuttercup12345 · 12/08/2023 23:48

I love Fraser.
Finlay is nice without the D.
Not keen on Nathan or Grant.

Theoldwoman · 13/08/2023 00:29

Not Grunt!,

Finley is a great name!

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