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Finley and Millie?

8 replies

sleepymamaa · 27/07/2023 08:33

Is it a bit of a mouthful?

DS is Finley, DD due in January and we do love the name millie

but I worry when you say the sibling names together that it’s a bit of a mouthful?

OP posts:
OopsieeDaisy · 27/07/2023 08:49

Both lovely names, they possibly don’t flow as well as others would but if you love the name I don’t think it’s so much of a mouthful you should be put off.

JellyDeels · 27/07/2023 11:14

Yep, too similar. How about Molly/Mollie instead?

continentallentil · 27/07/2023 11:21

Quite samey… but I wouldn’t use Millie as a full name anyway, it’s too babyish. If you gave her a full name then at least you have options - Emily, Romilly, Camilla, etc

Or something like Zoe, Nancy, Phoebe,

Puppyseahorse · 27/07/2023 11:22

Sounds a bit 2003 to me, sorry OP.

PossiblyNotOne · 27/07/2023 12:54

Millie to me is a nickname, there’s also hundreds of them, all Millie-Rose/Grace/May. It’s really overused.

Theoldwoman · 27/07/2023 15:00

They don’t flow well to me, maybe Millicent?

My Dog is Millie, hard to get past that really.

user1492757084 · 01/08/2023 08:13

Finley and Camille.
Finley and Millicent

jnbut · 05/08/2023 18:55

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