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ivyflower · 24/07/2023 09:37

What do you think of the Indian baby girl name Malti? (Meaning: Jasmine). Also what sort of personality does this name suggest?

It’s pronounced like: Mahl-ti

OP posts:
user1492757084 · 24/07/2023 09:53

Jazmin, I prefer.

How about Amal?

JustMaggie · 24/07/2023 10:04

Malti is a nice name. I imagine a little spunky child with that name. The kind of kid that keeps you on your toes

wizzywig · 24/07/2023 10:07

Isn't that Priyanka Chopra and Jonas man's daughters name? It's lovely!

villamariavintrapp · 24/07/2023 10:12

Yes it's Priyanka chopra's daughter's name. Which really puts me off. Objectively I think it's fine.

SiobhanSharpe · 24/07/2023 10:14

Hmm. If you're in the UK it can look a bit like it's short for Malteser...

MangshorJhol · 24/07/2023 10:17

In India it would usually be spent Malati. And the second A is not totally silent. I’m Bengali so we would actually pronounce it as Ma-lot(soft t)-ee.

MangshorJhol · 24/07/2023 10:18

And if you want an Indian name then Amal is typically a boy’s name in India but I believe an Arabic girl’s name.

Jinglybangly · 24/07/2023 10:18

If you are UK it would probably get pronounced 'multi' and she would have to spend her life spelling her name and correcting people on it's pronunciation.

Legomania · 24/07/2023 10:37

Sorry to say that the first thing that popped into my head (and the first Google suggestion when I typed it) is the maltipoo dog breed

drpet49 · 24/07/2023 10:38


pinkyredrose · 24/07/2023 10:39

Is your surname 'Sir'.? Sorry!

It's quite a pretty name.

BoohooWoohoo · 24/07/2023 10:39

It's a lively sounding name but in the UK it might be initially pronounced to rhyme with Balti which would be annoying.

whatausername · 24/07/2023 13:41

It's nice. I mispronounced it on first reading but, obviously, adapted when you explained.

SkiingIsHeaven · 24/07/2023 13:46

drpet49 · 24/07/2023 10:38


They definitely will tease her.

continentallentil · 25/07/2023 01:26

It makes me think of Malt, as in Whiskey or Maltesers, so I wouldn’t, which is a shame as it’s quite sweet - although maybe more for a little girl than an adult

wandawaves · 25/07/2023 01:31

I know an adult Malti. I think it's lovely, if you are indeed Indian.

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