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Baby names

what do you think to, sibing names that go together,such as, bill and ben ?

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beachlover · 25/02/2008 21:13

yes, its still us
ive told sil to register, shes says she will under the nickname
beachbaby so watch out for her ......

this is her first baby, and she wants more, and wants to know what sibling names such as duos trios go together.

jack and jill
bill and ben
ronnie and reggie
derek and rodney
scarlett and ruby....yes she did get that idea from eastenders

yes she is a bit mean lol, my poor future darling nieces and newphews

OP posts:

sagacious · 25/02/2008 21:15


The joy of pregnancy hormones

[caveat a dear dear friend when pg with twins was seriously considering Liam and Noel]

(That was NOT a recommendation BTW)


moljam · 25/02/2008 21:15

ummmmm no


hatrick · 25/02/2008 21:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

beachlover · 25/02/2008 21:16

pmsl! yes ive told her it hormones too

OP posts:

hunkermunker · 25/02/2008 21:16



beachlover · 25/02/2008 21:16

sam and ella, wheres that from ht?

OP posts:

Hulababy · 25/02/2008 21:17

You mean names that are alreaddy famous duos?

If so, sorry - think it is a bit tacky!
Failing that I think any names you have for siblings eventually go together and sound right.


msappropriate · 25/02/2008 21:17

I know a Tom and Jemma

I saw on a tv doc once 2 brothers called Fletcher and Christian


WiiMii · 25/02/2008 21:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sagacious · 25/02/2008 21:18



hatrick · 25/02/2008 21:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DarthVader · 25/02/2008 21:18

Molly and Max is popular


msappropriate · 25/02/2008 21:18

a school friend wanted to have 3 girls called Faith Hope and Charity! We were so pleased she had 3 boys.


grannyslippers · 25/02/2008 21:19

We have same initial (the ubiquitous J) that's rather nice. But for a third it would be overkill


beachlover · 25/02/2008 21:19

i know hulababy i mean calling two boys rodney and derek.
i think shes messing, well i hope she is

OP posts:

msappropriate · 25/02/2008 21:19

My sisters friend met someone with a Ffion and a Finn


AdamAnt · 25/02/2008 21:20

DS is Ronnie, and would have loved to call (currently hypothetical!) DS2 Reginald. Damn Mrs Kray for getting there before me


IamTheSpeedingHam · 25/02/2008 21:20

i have a jesus, mary and joseph

this subject neds t be hidden me thinks

your all bonkers


Hulababy · 25/02/2008 21:20

Erm, yes - let's hope so LOL!


beachlover · 25/02/2008 21:20

doh thanks ht i get it now

OP posts:

WestCountryLass · 25/02/2008 21:21

We are all Js here too, but the third got an L


Thomcat · 25/02/2008 21:22

I think sibling names should complement each other, but not go together in a Jack and Jill, Maisy and Daisy way. more like a Charlotte and Jessica and a Daniela and Benjamin type way. I think it's might feel odd if you call one child Emma Louise and the other Ziggy Moondust.


barbamama · 25/02/2008 21:23

I know a Charlie and Lola


choccypig · 25/02/2008 21:23

I don't think you should name them in clumps. Whether they are singles or multiples.
But I do think you should consider the other names. I feel it's unfair for one DC to be Clementine Marmalade, and the other one plain Jane.
Would advise against matching initials, else When they are older they'll be opening each others private letters.


msappropriate · 25/02/2008 21:23

My friend had 4 kids with 4 vowels, (accidently) We wanted her to go for number 5 but there aren't that many names beginning with U, especially for a boy (Uriah?)

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