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Baby names

ok then, how about charlotte?

19 replies

beachlover · 25/02/2008 21:06

yes, its us again ....sorry

OP posts:

sophierosie · 25/02/2008 21:08

ooh - I like Charlotte - was on my shortlist!


nowwearefour · 25/02/2008 21:08

my dd1 is called charlotte. i love the name. i wont be returning to see other people slate it!!! htere arent too many around i have found although it appears in th top 10 there are no other ones at her preschool (she is 2.5 years)


nkf · 25/02/2008 21:09

Lovely and fairly popular.


mazzystar · 25/02/2008 21:09

popular, but that's because its nice.


NorthernLurker · 25/02/2008 21:09

didn't get round to saying I was very unsure about Asher - now Charlotte - that's lovely! But I would shorten it to Lottie not Charlie - imo Charlie being a bit 1980s!


dizzydixies · 25/02/2008 21:09

like it, love lottie and coco as nn for it, of course there is also charlie


Hulababy · 25/02/2008 21:11

Charlotte is a pretty name. Prefer it shortened to Lottie rather than Charlie though.


hunkermunker · 25/02/2008 21:12

I love it.


ceebee74 · 25/02/2008 21:15

It is my name so I am biased - but I do think it is a lovely name.

Have never shortened it and anytime someone else has tried to, I have set them straight - it is a pretty name as it is


Thomcat · 25/02/2008 21:16

My DD1's name and I love it. I hear it and I smile. It's pretty, not overly girly, works for all ages, Lottie is a lovely name (don't personally do Charlie). It's a great name, great.


hunkermunker · 25/02/2008 21:17

(TC! Keep meaning to text you!)


VictorianSqualor · 25/02/2008 21:26

Very pretty name.


bozza · 25/02/2008 21:33

I like it (it is my sister's name) but I would disagree with tc and say that I think it is quite girly - nothing wrong with that though.


evie99 · 25/02/2008 21:40

Lovely name, feminine, classic, classy, pretty and sensible (no wonder it's popular). Personally I wouldn't shorten it.


themoon66 · 25/02/2008 21:47

DD is Charlotte. It was very unusual at the time we picked it (DD is now 21). We actually named her after the pudding, Apple Charlotte - she was our little pudding


SlartyBartFast · 25/02/2008 21:49



JingleyJen · 25/02/2008 21:49

DS2 was supposed to be charlotte but he had a willy so we decided against.

Lovely name.


CanterburyTaLcS · 25/02/2008 21:51

DD2 is Charlotte...she is cha cha now though.


IdrisTheDragon · 25/02/2008 21:56

DD's middle name is Charlotte

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