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Could we choose Elliot/ Name suggestions?

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Caribun · 16/07/2023 15:53


DH age I are really struggling with a name for #2 (due Jan). We don't know if it's a boy or a girl. Big sister is called Tilly.

We both loved the name Elliot (for a boy, but potentially a girl too) but feel like we can't really choose it because we have children in the family called Elijah, Eli, Ethan and Ellen (not all on the same side of the family!).

Would this put you off? Or would you still choose it? I feel like they are all a bit too similar to have such close connections to with us in the middle of all these E babies!

And do you have any name suggestions?! Other names we liked but weren't completely sold on:

Gabriella, Isabelle/a, Tabitha, Carys
Joseph, Benjamin, Noah (but now put off by how popular it is currently), Zachary.

Boy middle names are James Gareth.
No girl middle names yet so open to suggestions!

OP posts:
Sweetpea1532 · 16/07/2023 16:12

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival 🤰.
I wouldn't worry about having too many 'E' names in your extended family. In the long run, it won't matter one bit!
My aunt and uncle named all 5 of their DCs with 'D' names and the dad was a D too.
My aunt always signed their Christmas card with Marie and the 6 Ds. We all got a kick out of it. There was never any confusion or mix ups with their names
Anyway, I met an adorable little girl called Elliot Rose awhile back and thought 'what a beautiful name'
Whatever you and DH decide, I sure it will be perfect for you LO.
And I love Ms. Tilly's name, too.Flowers

Sweetpea1532 · 16/07/2023 16:15

*your 🙄

SuperSonicAyeAye · 16/07/2023 16:15

My dc is an E name from your list, two more boy babies in the family have arrived, both given E names. I don't think anyone else has noticed tbh! Choose the name you like.

SkaneTos · 16/07/2023 17:41

I would still choose the name Elliot if you like it!

The names you mentioned in your family, they are just similar, not even the same name (and even if it were the same name, it wouldn't matter to me!)
I have cousins, who are brothers. They had sons, just one month apart. They are called Christoper and Chris. At first we (the relatives) thought: Oh, those names are very similar! But now we are so used to it, it's no problem at all. One boy is Christopher, the other one is Chris. No confusion.

All the other names you have on your list are really nice too!
But if you like Elliot, choose Elliot, I think.

salamithumbs · 16/07/2023 21:11

I don't think it matters if cousins' names are similar, it's not as if they're siblings! I have cousins called Laura and Lauren on the same side, as well as an Alice and an Alex. If you like Elliot go for it, it's a nice name!

Mumofgirls2017 · 16/07/2023 21:51

I think it’s fine to use Elliott. Other suggestions (though I like Tabitha, Joseph and zachary)

tilly and



Sweetpea1532 · 17/07/2023 03:26

A distant cousin was telling me a story about her 3 male cousins that she grew up with..all were called 'Frank' and from 3 different order to tell them apart, they were called Fat Frank, Skinny Frank, and 6th street Frank.
( back in the 1940s before people realised how insensitive it was to draw attention to someone's size)
I teased her and said, What would happen if Fat Frank went on a diet Skinny Frank started lifting weights, and 6th Street Frank had to move house.

user1492757084 · 17/07/2023 10:15

Elliott is too much like your relatives' names.

Tilly and ..
James Gareth
Flynn James Gareth
Evan James Gareth
Rohan James Gareth
Benjamin James Gareth

All your other girls' names are gorgeous.
Also consider ..

jnbut · 05/08/2023 19:03

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