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JPo · 12/07/2023 17:08

Hi all!

We love the name Ciara (pronounced like Kiera/Kira). The spelling we have chosen is the traditional irish way but I worry about people calling her the wrong name her whole life!
Should I just go for the more modern spelling to make her life easier?

OP posts:
explainthistomeplease · 12/07/2023 17:10

I know a Ciaran pronounced Kieran. He's 26 now and has never had any problems. So I doubt a Ciara would.

romdowa · 12/07/2023 17:13

Ciara is definitely not unusual and plenty people worldwide know how to say it from that spelling. Spelling it with a k isn't a modern way... there is still no k in the Irish language

grievinggirlneedsadvice · 12/07/2023 17:14

I know a Ciara, she's lovely. I reckon she gets a few people who struggle at first with pronunciation but it's not a massive issue.

Hiyawotcha · 12/07/2023 17:17

I would pronounce it wrong the first time, but only once if corrected.

so the way I would pronounce it (first time only) would be Key-ara.

Sealover123 · 12/07/2023 17:19

Hmmm, I'd think people would pronounce it "see are uh" as in rhyming with tiara. But maybe that's just me!

YouFilthyAnimal · 12/07/2023 17:19

I would pronounce it ‘Sierra’ like the singer

But it depends how much the variable would bother you

FromNowOn23 · 12/07/2023 17:21

I know one who gets called kee-ar-uh.

But I’m sure people get used to the correct pronunciation when they know.

Sirzy · 12/07/2023 17:23

I wouldn’t have any issue with the pronunciation and think it’s a lovely name

FayCarew · 12/07/2023 18:59

It can look like Clara in print, I'd stick to the traditional spelling but I knew the name Kira long before I'd heard of Ciara or Keira. Kira looks like it might be a soft drink or something.

Honeybeesintrees · 12/07/2023 19:57

I can't imagine any normal person would have difficulty with the name Ciara, my cousin who lives in England has this name and never has any issues. If someone does mispronounce it then you correct it no big deal. There is a famous singer Ciara so it's really not they unusual

Marynotsocontrary · 12/07/2023 20:13

The singer pronounces the name differently though, doesn't she?

TrueScrumptious · 12/07/2023 20:19

Isn’t Ciara a normal name, like Niamh? I don’t think it’s that unusual.

JPo · 12/07/2023 20:28

Thanks for your messages, generally I think the opinion is she might have to correct a few people as she gets older but its not unusual enough to cause her too much bother!
Back home in Ireland its still quite common but now living in the UK I haven't met anyone with the name so was worried she would be correcting people relentlessly!

OP posts:
FayCarew · 12/07/2023 20:49

It hasn't been much used in England & Wales, and people will get it wrong.
I know a few Kierans with that spelling, but no Ciaran.

It doesn't really compare with Niamh, because that has been used a lot

GeorgiaGirl52 · 12/07/2023 20:58

Sealover123 · 12/07/2023 17:19

Hmmm, I'd think people would pronounce it "see are uh" as in rhyming with tiara. But maybe that's just me!

Me too.

YesYesAllGood · 12/07/2023 21:10

It's my name. I get lots of nice compliments but it is very frequently spelled incorrectly, even by relatives and friends! I think you'll have this problem whatever spelling you choose.

FayCarew · 12/07/2023 21:19

I agree, but more people will say Keira correctly.

Beebops3 · 16/07/2023 21:55

I would assume Ciara like tiara.

continentallentil · 16/07/2023 22:16

No I think it’s well known enough

It’s a much prettier spelling

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